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RFPs (Request for Proposals)

If there are any questions regarding Monroe County RFP's, please contact Monroe County Purchasing and Central Services at 585 753-1100 or by fax at 585-753-1104.

#Title and InfoProposal Due Date
RFP#0005-15RFQ-Pathology Services for the Medical Examiner's Office
RFQ Coordinator: Kim Boedicker - Monroe County will receive and answer clarifying questions and accept qualifications until the Medical Examiner’s Office finds a suitable Respondent. The right to withdraw will be determined by Monroe County at a later date and time in 2015.
RFP#0021-15RFP-Food, Nutritional and Vending Service Management and Operation
RFP Coordinator: Walter Webert - SITE TOUR of Monroe Community Hospital in regards to this RFP on Thursday, July 2, 2015 at 2:00 pm. Interested attendees must RSVP to the RFP Coordinator, by email, no later that July 1, 2015. Addendum #1 posted 6/23/15. Addendum #2 posted 7/14/15.
3:00 pm
RFP#0026-15RFP-Adult Financial Management and Guardianship
RFP Coordinator: Leslie Buck - Addendum#1 posted 7/24/15.
3:00 pm
RFP#0027-15RFQ-Clinical Laboratory Services
RFQ Coordinator: Kim Boedicker -
3:00 pm
RFP#0028-15RFP-Job Readiness Training for TANF Families
CONTACT PERSON: Walter Webert at: Addendum#1 posted 7/30/15.
3:00 pm
RFP#0029-15RFQ-Provider and Nursing Services
Contact Person: Kim Boedicker at:
3:00 pm