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RFPs (Request for Proposals)

If there are any questions regarding Monroe County RFP's, please contact Monroe County Purchasing and Central Services at 585 753-1100 or by fax at 585-753-1104.

#Title and InfoProposal Due Date
RFP#0002-15Expression of Interest Solicitation for 2015 & 2016 Projects
Sole Contact: Dawn C. Staub (585)753-1100 Addendum#1 posted 1/27/15.
3:00 pm
RFP#0003-15RFP-Supervised Visitation Management Services
RFP Coordinator: Meagan Brennan - Addendum#1 posted 1/23/15. Addendum#2 posted 1/28/15.
3:00 pm
RFP#0004-15RFP-Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan Update
RFP Coordinator: Walter Webert - Addendum#1 posted 1/23/15.
3:00 pm
RFP#0005-15RFQ-Pathology Services for the Medical Examiner's Office
RFQ Coordinator: Kim Boedicker - Monroe County will receive and answer clarifying questions and accept qualifications until the Medical Examiner’s Office finds a suitable Respondent. The right to withdraw will be determined by Monroe County at a later date and time in 2015.
5:00 pm
RFP#0006-15RFQ-WIC Nutrition Education and Support
RFQ Coordinator: Kim Boedicker - Addendum #1 posted 1/30/15.
3:00 pm
RFP#0007-15RFP-Professional Auditing Services
RFP Coordinator: Robert Franklin -
3:00 pm
RFP#0008-15RFP-Frontier Field Baseball Stadium Lighting Upgrade Improvement Project
RFP Coordinator: Leslie Buck - A pre-proposal meeting and walk-through inspection tour will be conducted for potential Respondents on Thursday, February 12, 2015 at 10:00 AM. Individuals who would like to attend the tour must RSVP by February 10, 2015 to the RFP Coordinator. The tour will start outside the ticket office at the Stadium, located on Morrie Silver Way, Rochester, NY. The following information must be provided in the RSVP for all individuals expected to attend the tour: company, name, title, email address, phone number.
3:00 pm
RFP#0090-14RFP-Inmate Commissary Services
RFP Coordinator: Meagan Brennan - Addendum#1 posted 1/23/15.
3:00 pm