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The following results are bids as presented at the bid opening and do not represent an award.

#Title and Info
BP#0302-14Highland Park Pansy Bed Improvements
Sole Contact: Sharon Berndt -

Download result: Summary ssht030214 (pdf, 24.6k, 1 page)

BP#0305-14Replace Selected Areas of Frontier Field Roof
Sole Contact: Sharon Berndt - Addendum#1 posted 3/28

Download result: Summary ssht030514 (pdf, 96.6k, 2 pages)

BP#0308-14Vehicle Batteries

Download result: Summary ssht030814 (pdf, 86.8k, 1 page)

BP#0309-14ROC Baggage Handling System Inspection & Emergency Service
PRE-BID MEETING on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 10:00 am in the International Arrivals Hall, Greater Rochester Int'l Airport, 1200 Brooks Ave, Rochester, NY 14624. If attending, you must RSVP to Addendum#1 posted 3/24/14.

Download result: ssht030914 (pdf, 86.2k, 1 page)

BP#0310-14Pre-Owned Electric Scissors Lift

Download result: Summary ssht031014 (pdf, 86.4k, 1 page)

BP#0311-14Janitorial Service - WIC Offices
PRE-BID MEETING: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 9:00 am at the WIC Offices, 250 Waring Road, Rochester, NY 14609 Addendum#1 posted 4/2/14.

Download result: Summary ssht031114 (pdf, 85.9k, 1 page)

BP#0313-14Purchase of Pre-Owned Jacobsen HR-5111 Rotary Mowers

Download result: Summary ssht031314 (pdf, 85.8k, 1 page)

BP#0314-14Brush Chipper

Download result: Summary ssht031414 (pdf, 85.7k, 1 page)

BP#0315-14Portable Toilet Rental Service

Download result: Summary ssht031514 (pdf, 141.4k, 1 page)

BP#0316-14EOD Robots

Download result: Summary ssht031614 (pdf, 85.4k, 1 page)

BP#0317-14Video Image System

Download result: Summary ssht031714 (pdf, 85.5k, 1 page)

BP#0402-14Tork Paper Products

Download result: Summary ssht040214 (pdf, 86.9k, 1 page)

BP#0404-14Refurbish One(1) Lightnin Aerator Gearbox

Download result: Summary ssht040414 (pdf, 86.1k, 1 page)

BP#0405-14Furnish Two(2) Trailer Mounted Engine Driven Pumps & Ancillary Equipment
PRE-BID MEETING: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 9:00 am at Ontario Beach Park, 4650 Lake Ave., Rochester, NY 14612.

Download result: Summary ssht040514 (pdf, 86.5k, 1 page)