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The following results are bids as presented at the bid opening and do not represent an award.

#Title and Info
BP#0801-15CSOAP Tunnel System Control Structure 45(CS-45) Improvements Project
Sole Contact: Joe VanKerkhove - Addendum #1 posted 9/11/15. Addendum #2 posted 9/18/15.

Download result: Summary ssht080115 (pdf, 87.1k, 1 page)

BP#0802-15Construction of the New Sheriff's Marine Unit
Sole Contact: Peter Wehner - Addendum #1 posted 9/10/15. Addendum#2 posted 9/15/15.

Download result: Summary ssht080215 (pdf, 180.5k, 5 pages)

BP#0806-15Epoxy Pavement Markings, Furnish, Install & Remove

Download result: Summary ssht080615 (pdf, 86.6k, 1 page)

BP#0902-15Purchase of SD30L 30' Super Duty Snow Pusher

Download result: Summary ssht090215 (pdf, 142.1k, 1 page)

BP#0903-15Furnish Two(2) 10 inch Submersible Sewage Pumps
Addendum#1 posted 9/14/15.

Download result: Summary ssht090315 (pdf, 142.2k, 1 page)

BP#0904-15Snowplowing Services
Addendum#1 posted 9/18/15.

Download result: Summary ssht090415 (pdf, 151.9k, 2 pages)

BP#0905-15Supply & Install Refurbished Passenger Loading Bridges(PLB)

Download result: Summary ssht090515 (pdf, 86.1k, 1 page)

BP#0906-15Snowplowing Roadways and Non-Secure Parking Areas at the Greater Rochester International Airport
PRE-BID Meeting: Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015 at 1:00 pm at the International Arrivals Hall, 1200 Brooks Ave., Rochester, NY 14624. Addendum#1 posted 9/22/15.

Download result: ssht090615 (pdf, 142.5k, 1 page)

BP#0909-15Rebuilt Transmissions & Torque Converters

Download result: Summary ssht090915 (pdf, 136.4k, 1 page)

BP#0910-15111 Westfall Rd Building Roof Overlay
PRE-BID Meeting: Thursday, September 23, 2015 at 2:00 pm in the Rear Lobby, 111 Westfall Rd., Rochester, NY 14620

Download result: Summary ssht091015 (pdf, 86.5k, 1 page)

BP#0911-15Fernco PVC Pipe Fittings

Download result: Summary ssht091115 (pdf, 86.5k, 1 page)