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The following results are bids as presented at the bid opening and do not represent an award.

#Title and Info
BP#0901-16Regional Traffic Operations Center(RTOC) Rehabilitation
Sole Contact: Barry J. Dumbauld - Addendum #1 posted 10/7/16. Addendum #2 posted 10/11/16.

Download result: Regional Traffic Operations Center Rehab (pdf, 16.8k, 1 page)

BP#0902-16Furnish & Install Rooftop Air Conditioner & Remove Existing Unit
Pre-Bid Meeting: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 10:00 am at the Public Safety Training Facility, 1180 Scottsville Rd., Rochester, NY 14624

Download result: ssht0902-16 (pdf, 22.1k, 1 page)

BP#0904-16Frontier Field Stadium Firehouse Asphalt Shingle Roof Project
Pre-bid Meeting and Inspection is Friday, September 23, 2016 at 9:00 am at the Frontier Field Stadium Firehouse, 333 N Plymouth Ave., Rochester, NY 14608. Vendors must bring their own ladder if they want to go up on the roof. Addendum#1 posted 9/30/16.
BP#0906-16Avocent HMX Hardware

Download result: ssht090616 (pdf, 17.6k, 1 page)

BP#0907-16Medical Supplies for EMS Mass Trauma Kits
Addendum #1 posted 10/11/16.

Download result: Summary ssht090716 (pdf, 96.1k, 2 pages)

BP#0908-16Snowplowing & Removal Services at the Greater Rochester Int'l Airport
Addendum#1 posted 10/13/16

Download result: Summary ssht090816 (pdf, 86.4k, 1 page)

BP#0909-16Forcepoint Renewal/Upgrade

Download result: Summary ssht090916 (pdf, 85.4k, 1 page)

BP#0910-16Inmate Uniforms
Addendum#1 posted 10/18/16.

Download result: Summary ssht091016 (pdf, 86.7k, 1 page)

BP#1013-16Track Star Map Licenses

Download result: Summary ssht101316 (pdf, 86.3k, 1 page)