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The following results are bids as presented at the bid opening and do not represent an award.

#Title and Info
BP#0105-17Cell Phone Lot Construction
Sole Contact: Daniel M. Cregan - Addendum#1 posted 2/7/17.

Download result: Summary ssht010517 (pdf, 88.5k, 1 page)

BP#0109-17Highway Preventive Maintenance Program No.3
Sole Contact: Peter Wlodarczyk - Addendum#1 posted 2/15/17. Addendum#2 posted 2/21/17. The opening date has been changed to March 1, 2017.

Download result: Summary ssht010917 (pdf, 86.9k, 1 page)

BP#0206-17Ames Building - Chiller Replacement
Sole Contact: Brian Danker -

Download result: Summary ssht020617 (pdf, 154.1k, 2 pages)

BP#0207-17Street Light Fixtures

Download result: Summary ssht020717 (pdf, 86.6k, 1 page)

BP#0208-17Street Light Poles, Arms & Bases

Download result: Summary ssht020817 (pdf, 86.6k, 1 page)

BP#0211-17Portable Trash Pump Maintenance & Repair

Download result: Summary ssht021117 (pdf, 87k, 1 page)

BP#0212-17Elmwood Avenue / Lac De Ville Boulevard Safety Improvement Project
Sole Contact: Paul Presutti - Addendum#1 posted 3/17/17.

Download result: Summary ssht021217 (pdf, 96.7k, 2 pages)

BP#0301-172017 Parking Garage Maintenance Project at the Greater Rochester Int'l Airport
Sole Contact: James Krapf -

Download result: Summary ssht030117 (pdf, 86.4k, 1 page)