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County Clerk Application

Launch the County Clerk Application.

To test, either register and login or use the test login provided. There are limited records in the demo, so use the default search of “Party” and put “S” in the Last Name field. This will return several hundred results. Currently, you would have to go through these 10 at a time, here, you just scroll down through the results. Click on a record to see details below. If there are additional pieces of data (i.e., images, refers to, more entries, etc.), the icons at right will let you know what is available for that record. Switch the tabs below to see different pieces of information. If there is an icon to the right of the additional information, you can click it to perform a search on that result. The help is available in the scrollable window to the right.

Parks Reservation Application

Launch the Parks Reservation Application.

Wedding Reservation Application

Launch the Wedding Reservation Application.

Parks Administration System

Launch the Parks Administration System.

Use the login you received in e-mail.

Flight Application

Launch the Flight Application.

Once we have the feeds from FlightView, you will be able to search all flights anywhere out 30 days. This will be a useful tool for the citizens. Also, added will be the ability to track a flight in air and see additional details. This will also be available on the website on the flight datagrid. The icon at far right will serve as link to launch FlightTracker popup from FlightView. We have also included the weather, radar and webcam in this application as well as the actual feeds from GRIA of the next 18 to 72 hours of flights (same info as on the website page). Click the tabs to see additional information. We'll be adjusting the columns and other pieces of the datagrid once we have the additional info.

Voter Application

Launch the Voter Application.

Search using your information. Remember to only put Last Name and just "Dohrcrest" and it should plot polling site, give directions, elected officials (with e-mail links), voter registration, etc. We have incomplete data at the moment, but you can just use an address and choose "View elected officials" or "Find polling site" from drop down and it should plot that information correctly.

Real Property Application

Launch the Real Property Application.

Choose Irondequoit from the municipality drop-down. There is limited data in the demo until the RPS data is in the SDE server. Once you pick a property from the data grid and hit proceed, it will go to the sample page for the action you chose (i.e., Report, Comparison, Taxes or Map). Once there, you can click to see the others using the menu at the left. When you are at the data grid, we'll have pictures available to see a shot of the home before moving on... currently, there are only a few samples (noted by the camera icon).

Vendor Pesticide Application

Go to the Vendor Pesticide Application page.

Use the login in the e-mail. You can search single resident and see result or put in multiple and have results delivered in text format for use in Excel or similar program. Search your address, but make sure you choose Greece from drop-down. This page is on old test server, so make sure you go back to home page (this is still in /mc directory of old).