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Handling Information

Light Bulbs & Ballasts
Fluorescent Lights (CFLs and Tubes)

Home Depot & Lowes will accept compact fluorescent lights (CFLs)  at no charge (no fluorescent tube lights) .

Fluorescent lights are accepted from Monroe County households at all ecopark collections. Click here to view hours of operation. 

Proper recycling of fluorescent lights prevents the release of mercury into the environment and allows for the recycling of glass, metals and other materials they contain. Households are strongly encouraged to recycle these mercury-containing items, including low-mercury "green-end" capped tube lighting. However, ONLY CFLs may be taken to Home Depot/Lowes for recycling. High intensity discharge (HID) lamps that contain metal halide, high pressure sodium, or mercury should also be recycled. Incandescent light bulbs should be placed in the regular trash.


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