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Survey and Rights of Way

Contact Information

Arthur M. English, P.L.S.

County Surveyor      Supervisor of Rights of Way


Department of Environmental Services

County Office Building

39 W. Main St. - Suite 304i

Rochester, NY


Phone: 585 753-7530

Fax: 585 324-1282


The Monroe County Survey Office maintains nearly 5,700 geodetic survey monuments and the right of way records for 650 miles of County highway.  The network of monuments forms a base survey to aid in the orderly growth of the community.  When properly used as reference, the network reduces land measurement inconsistencies.  Rules and regulations for the use and protection of the survey network are set forth in Local Law No. 6 of 1971, the authority for which rests entirely with the Monroe County Legislature. (Monroe County Monument Law)


The Supervisor of Rights of Way negotiates the acquisition of property rights required for the construction and maintenance of County improvements including highways, traffic signals, bridges, sanitary and storm sewers, and fiber optic conduit. (A Guide For Property Owners - "How Monroe County Acquires Property For Public Purposes")


Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the County acquisition process, rights of way, easements, subdivision map review, monument protection or surveying in general.  

Art English          

Dig Safely NY



Be Sure To:

- Call Before You Dig
- Wait The Required Time
- Confirm Utility Response
- Respect The Marks
- Dig With Care






Our base station is registered with the National Geodetic Survey’s “National CORS” program. Anyone with a receiver that can postprocess their raw GPS data can go to the NGS website and down-load correction files to increase the accuracy of their data, or down-load them directly from this site. Also available to the public, is the ability to connect to our base station to perform Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) surveys. Anyone with the appropriate equipment can simply register with our department and receive a username and password to access the base station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




GPS Base Station Map



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View the location of over 5,000 monuments in Monroe County.  Use our Survey Monument Viewer to find the specific location of each monument using GIS tools.