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Blue Lines: Existing 150 miles of Monroe County Municipal Fiber Optic Cable plus additional 150 miles currently under construction

The Image Overlay is the household density. The color scheme is blue to red where blue is a sparsely populated with households, yellow being the middle, and red being densely populated with households

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Google Support

Rochester Business Alliance Sandra A Parker, President & Chief Executive Officer of the Rochester Business Alliance (RBA) writes in support of the Google Fiber project.

"Access to this kind of high speed connection is critical to the growth and prosperity of our businesses and colleges and universities... We applaud your effort to have this experimental project located in our region." 

The Rochester Business Alliance serves as the regional Chamber of Commerce for Monroe County and surrounding Counties.
Town of Greece John Auberger, Supervisor Town of Greece writes in support of the Google Fiber Program on behalf of Monroe County.

"Greece is on board to help any way we can!"

"Hey Google - Take a look at Monroe County!  Our industry, our colleges, our medical facilities are world class and world reknowned. I know we can work together as a community, and with Google, to bring the internet speed of the future to Monroe County today."

The Town of Greece is the largest Town in Monroe County with over 102,000 residents and home to many leading employers in Monroe County.
Town of Perinton James E. Smith, Supervisor of the Town of Perinton, writes in support of Google's "High Speed Fiber for Communities" project.

"Like Monroe County, Perinton is a progressive community ... It is imperative that Monroe County continues to be innovative.  Deployment of high speed internet technology could spur growth and make existing systems more effective.  We are therefore, pleased to strongly support Monroe County in its efforts to receive this grant from Google."

Perinton is home to over 46,000 residents on the southeast portion of Monroe County.
Greater Rochester Enterprise (GRE) Mark Peterson, President and CEO of Greater Rochester Enterprise writes:

Rochestarians are not only highly educated and technical savvy, but we also have one of the largest per-capita deaf populations in the country.

Many hearing impaired individuals and families utilizing Video Phone (VP) technology need high-bandwidth, low-latency connections to the internet for clear and effective communications - something our current technologies struggle to provide for single devices.

Greater Rochester Enterprise, a regional economic development organization, supports business attraction and expansion, as well as entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the Greater Rochester, NY. 
WXXI Public Television Susan M. Rogers Ph.D. Exectuive Vice President & General Manager of WXXI writes:

WXXI has a long history of leadership in making creative, innovative use of digital technology to serve education, health, civic engagement, arts and cultural needs of the region.

The project could have very positive impact on our multi-media outreach efforts of the region. Issues with the access and the digital divide, as well as limitations of current broadband capacity, have put limitations on the development of our educational, informational and cultural applications of digital technology.

WXXI is the community's sole public media service: including television, radio and online media.
Monroe Community College (MCC) Anne M. Kress, President of Monroe Community College writes:

As president of the largest community college in upstate New York, one of more than a dozen colleges in the Greater Rochester region, I am confident that this opportunity could be significant for the many academic and research resources that abound here.

Over the past several years, Rochester has evolved from a city known for such corporate giants as Kodak and Xerox to a place where smaller, entrepreneurial startups are beginning to thrive. Google's program could significantly assist those locally-based companies trying to compete in a global market.

Established in 1961, MCC is home to over 19,000 students and offers more than 80 Degree and Certificate programs to its students.
Town of Pittsford William A Carpenter, Supervisor for the Town of Pittsford supports the Google high-speed internet initiative.

There are many people in the Pittsford community who would welcome and encourage high-speed internet access ... Pittsford residents are very well educated and computer and internet access is an important part of their personal and professional lives.  Additionally, there are two colleges within Pittsford: Nazareth and St John Fisher College.

Pittsford, NY is an affluent suburb located in the southeast portion of Monroe County and home to over 27,000 residents and boasts one of the top notch school districts in the country.   
Greater Rochester International Airport (GRIA) David P. Damelio, Administrative Director of the Greater Rochester International Airport (GRIA) writes:

As the "Gateway to the World" our Airport is also the "Gateway to our Community." As one of the only Airports in New York State offering free wireless to our passengers, we would be proud and excited to inform the 2.5 million passengers who pass this  facility, that they are using the Google high speed fiber network.

It would be an honor to be hand picked by Google to build this experimental network in our community.

The Greater Rochester International Airport (GRIA) serves as the major airport of the metro area known as Greater Rochester. The airport is owned and operated by Monroe County.  
Town of Gates Mark W. Assini, Gates Town Supervisor writes:

Our business community will have greatly improved connectivity and opportunities for new applications not currently developed. Google may become a key factor in the site selection process for some businesses which would lead to more jobs and greater economic development.

The Town of Gates has over 29,000 residents and located in the southwest part of Monroe County. In 2007 CNN-Money named Gates as the 16th best Real Estate bargain in the country.
NimbleUser Sigmund VanDamme, Founder of NimbleUser, a leading technology integrator and implementer of digital technology.

I feel strongly that Monroe County and the Greater Rochester area is a great candidate for the Google Fiber for Communities program for the following reasons:

(1) The Rochester Metropolitan Area is the second largest economy in New York State.

(2) Rochester is home to internationally recognized programs fro the deaf at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf and University of Rochester.

(3) The Rochester Region has 15 colleges and universities and offers a highly educated populace.
Town of Ogden Gay H. Lenhard, Supervisor, Town of Ogden writes:

The Town of Ogden wants to go on record as supporting the Google Fiber initiative ... as economic development is so important to all of us, I see the project as having huge and positive impact on the business that we currently have, as well as giving us an advantage to attract future businesses to our community.

We are excited about this possibility.

The Town of Ogden has a population of 18,000 citizens and located in the Western portion of Monroe County. 
Village of Churchville Nancy Steedman, Mayor of the Village of Churchville supports the Google initiative:

We have been on the cutting edge of technology and supporters of increased jobs and this would enhance both.  The Village of Churchville looks forward to a cooperative effort to bring Google to our community and will support this project.

Churchville is a village located in the western portion of Monroe County.
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