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"Renew Monroe" Launched

Wed, Jun 28 2006

Monroe County Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo launched "Renew Monroe", encouraging residents to renew their vehicle registrations at local DMV offices. Over $500,000 annually could be kept working here if every vehicle owner in Monroe County participated in the new program. Residents can mail their renewals to the Henrietta DMV Office, use a convenient drop box, or for immediate return of their registration, use an Express Line at any permanent DMV branch. Full details on how to Renew Monroe are available at and will be mailed to residents over the coming weeks in their Monroe County Water Authority bills.

"Many people don’t realize that every time you receive that little pink envelope from the State to renew your vehicle registration they give you only three options. All of their options ship your money off to Albany and then you have to wait and wait to get back your registration," said Dinolfo. "Well, all of those little pink envelopes add up to big dollars, over $500,000 annually. By choosing instead to 'Renew Monroe' residents will get their registrations back more quickly and make a real difference in keeping our taxes as low as possible."

Monroe County has lost over $3.5 million since the State DMV took over all processing of vehicle registrations renewed by mail in May 1999. The current mailings sent to residents for registration renewals fail to even mention that the transactions can be processed in local DMV offices, where Monroe County receives 12.7% of every transaction.

"Monroe County has a proud tradition of everyone pitching in to do their part, and I know that's why 'Renew Monroe' will be a great success. Together, we can help not just our County's bottom line, but help ourselves and our fellow taxpayers as well," said Dinolfo.

The Renew Monroe insert, to be included in Monroe County Water Authority bills, will be sent at no additional cost to taxpayers. The insert also includes information on how residents can help keep their hard earned dollars working locally by having their passport application processed by the County Clerk's Office. Monroe County keeps $30.00 of every passport application it processes, but nothing if residents choose to use the United States Post Office for the service.

The Monroe County Clerk’s Office handled nearly 700,000 transactions totaling over $80 million in 2005 including mortgages, legal filings, passports, pistol permits, driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations.

View "Renew Monroe Directions" document.