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Dinolfo Introduces Legislation To Regulate Grease Trap Covers, Require Inspections

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo introduced a Local Law to the Monroe County Legislature to regulate the safety and security of grease trap covers in Monroe County. Prior to the introduction of the new legislation, no clear standard existed in New York State for the ongoing inspection and enforcement of grease trap manhole covers.

“The loss of a child is a horrific, heartbreaking tragedy that touches our entire community,” said Dinolfo. “In the wake of this loss, many have found it hard to comprehend that New York – one of the most highly-regulated states in the nation – does not have standards in place for this type of infrastructure. That’s why I am introducing legislation to ensure grease trap covers are secure and safe by requiring annual inspections. Given the urgency of the matter, I hope this proposal receives strong bipartisan support so we can implement the new law as soon as possible.”

Under the proposed Local Law, grease traps and/or interceptors with manhole covers shall be designed to withstand expected loads and prevent access by unauthorized individuals. A food service establishment shall insure that a grease trap and/or interceptor manhole cover is secured by a bolt or locking mechanism, or shall have a cover of sufficient weight to prevent unauthorized access. Sufficient weight shall be calculated by the standard of a 59 pound cover for a 24 inch diameter opening. All grease traps and/or interceptors shall be installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Additionally, the Monroe County Department of Public Health shall inspect all permitted food service establishments that utilize grease traps and/or interceptors with manhole covers on an annual basis to assure compliance with this local law. Failure to comply with the requirements shall be subject to enforcement in accordance with the Monroe County Sanitary Code, up to and including a fine and/or suspension of permit.

A Public Hearing will scheduled and held prior to the August 13th meeting of the Monroe County Legislature. The proposal will thereafter be considered by the Monroe County Legislature at its regularly-scheduled meeting on September 10th. Once passed, the legislation will be subject to a second Public Hearing prior to becoming effective by the end of September.

A copy of the proposed Local Law is attached.