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Dinolfo Presents Mid-year Results For Imagine Monroe: 600+ Jobs Created, 900+ Retained

Dinolfo Presents Mid-year Results For Imagine Monroe: 600+ Jobs Created, 900+ Retained

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo announced mid-year results of Imagine Monroe’s economic development efforts. For the first six months of 2019, Imagine Monroe has approved 24 projects that will result in the creation of 608 jobs and retention of 986 jobs in Monroe County. These projects will generate a total of $239 million in private investment.

“Our boots-on-the-ground approach to economic development continues to grow more jobs here, with Imagine Monroe helping to create and retain a total of over 1,500 local jobs through the first six months of 2019 alone,” said Dinolfo. “These results are about so much more than the numbers though – each and every job we secure helps a neighbor provide for themselves and their family, opens new doors for future success, and strengthens our entire community. That’s why I am proud we have helped to secure over 20,000 local jobs during my time in office and why we’ll continue to enhance our job creation efforts through 2019 and beyond.”

From 2016 to present, Imagine Monroe has approved more than 480 projects, helping to create and retain over 23,000 local jobs, and generating a total private investment of nearly $2.8 billion.

Dinolfo further announced projects approved by Imagine Monroe at its July monthly meeting, held on Tuesday, July 23rd. Profiles for the July projects approved can be found below, following these select project highlights from Imagine Monroe’s work for the first six months of 2019:


Unither Manufacturing, LLC
755 Jefferson Road Rochester, New York 14623
New Jobs Created: 125 new full-time jobs

Unither Manufacturing, LLC (Unither) is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer headquartered in France with 6 manufacturing facilities throughout the world. The Monroe County facility is the Company’s only US manufacturing site. Unither produces sterile premeasured single use dosage products at the Town of Henrietta facility. The Company proposes a phased expansion over 5 years, which will involve renovation of 100,000 sq. ft. and a 22,000 sq. ft. building expansion to house 2 specialized production machines, package and warehouse space. The $22.9 million project will retain 262 jobs and while estimated to create 125 additions positions over the course of the next three years.

Monro Inc.
200 Holleder Parkway Rochester, New York 14615
New Jobs Created: 26 new full-time jobs
Monro Inc. (Monro) provides distribution and warehousing for undercar repair and tire products to over 1,187 stores in over 28 states with over 1,000 employees. Monro, founded in 1957, continues to be headquartered in Monroe County. In 1994, the Company moved to Holleder Parkway, expanding their foot print again in 2011. The current project will convert existing warehouse space to offices and reconfigure the warehouse operation. This expansion is needed to support Monro.Forward, a strategic initiative to grow the Company in the coming years. The $3.3 million project will retain 260 positions and create an additional 26 positions new over the next 3 years.

Mammoth Property Holdings, LLC
176 Anderson Avenue, Suite F112 Rochester, New York 14607
New Jobs Created: 225 new full-time jobs

Mammoth Property Holdings, LLC, a real estate holding company, proposes equip and renovate a 31,878 sq. ft. facility at 55 Science Parkway in the City of Rochester. The tenant, Caci International, Inc., designs and manufacturers radio equipment for the United States military and other government agencies. The $400,300 project will retain 84 and create 225 new positions over the next three years.

This month alone, Imagine Monroe approved assistance for five local economic development projects, including Mammoth Property Holdings. These projects are anticipated to retain 326 jobs and create 263 full-time equivalent jobs in Monroe County.


Crown Castle USA, Inc.
2000 Corporate Drive
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 15317

Project Location:
4545 East River Road
West Henrietta, NY 14586

Crown Castle USA, Inc. is a telecommunications company providing network communication infrastructure that includes towers, small cells and fiber. They intend to expand and relocate its Brighton, NY location to the Riverwood Tech Campus in Henrietta, NY. The company plans to build out approximately 56,000 sq. ft. of leased space to accommodate future growth. The $2.7 million project will impact 190 full-time jobs and is projected to create 15 new jobs over the next three years. They sought approval of sales tax exemptions on construction materials, furniture, fixtures and equipment related to the project.

Vigneri Chocolate, Inc.
810 Emerson Street
Rochester, NY 14613

Project Location:
1185-1223 (1199) E. Main Street
Rochester, NY 14609

Vigneri Chocolate, Inc., a second generation confectionery manufacture, intends to purchase and renovate 1199 E. Main Street in the City of Rochester. The new 38,000 sq. ft. facility will allow the company to expand production and distribution, primarily servicing private label customers. 2,000 sq. ft. of the facility will be dedicated for an education experience center with a small café and gift shop. The company intends to invest $2.86 million for the entire project with $1 million in manufacturing equipment. Vigneri sought sales and mortgage recording tax exemptions and JobsPlus property tax abatement. The project is estimated to create 20 new jobs over the next three years.

Reliant Staffing Systems Inc. DBA Career Start
350 East Avenue, Suite 210
Rochester, NY 14604

Project Location:
350 East Avenue, Suite 210
Rochester, NY 14604

Reliant Staffing Systems Inc. DBA Career Start is a private, full service employment firm headquartered in Rochester, NY with a second location in Buffalo, NY. In May 2019, the Career Start office building in Cornhill was destroyed by a fire. The company was able to secure a short term lease for a new office space in the City of Rochester and required new equipment for their operations. The company indents to purchase computers, monitors, phones, printers, scanners, copiers, and wiring for their current office space. The company has been approved for the GreatRebate program through Monroe County Industrial Development Corporation and sought approval of the EquiPlus program. The projected job retention is 47 and creation is two.

125 Howell Street, LLC
100 Savannah Street
Rochester, NY 14607

Project Location:
125 Howell Street
Rochester, NY 14607

125 Howell Street, LLC, a real estate holding company, responded to the City of Rochester’s RFP to purchase and redevelop 125 Howell Street within the Inner Loop of the City of Rochester. The .0132 acre parcel will construct five market rate, four-story townhome rental units.

Each unit will average 1,750 sq. ft. and will feature two bedrooms, two bathrooms with rent averaging $1.35 per square foot. The project is supported by the City of Rochester. Howell Street sought sales and mortgage recording tax exemptions and JobPlus property tax abatement. The $1.42 million dollar project is projected to create one job.