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Dinolfo To Make Quality Childcare More Affordable For Working Families

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo announced that Monroe County will soon be making quality childcare more affordable for 2,200 low-income families. Dinolfo has directed the Monroe County Department of Human Services to cut the “Parent Fee” component of the County’s subsidized childcare programming from the current rate of 35% of the cost of care to a new, lower rate of 25%.

“Our affordable childcare programming is proven to help working parents build brighter futures for themselves, their children and their families,” said Dinolfo. “Monroe County already invests nearly $48 million in childcare each year, but we are always looking for ways to make our programming even more affordable and effective for the families we serve. Our first reduction to the childcare Parent Fee in over a decade will make a real difference for working parents, helping to save an average of $800 annually that they can put towards other household expenses, like food and housing. This new, lower rate will go a long way to help support stronger families here and I look forward to seeing it take effect in August.”

The amount paid toward the Parent Fee by families is dependent on household income. As a result of Dinolfo’s action, approximately 2,200 low-income families supporting 4,600 local children will save a total of $1.7 million per year on the cost of childcare. The average family receiving a childcare subsidy through Monroe County will save nearly $800 annually. For example, a family of three with an income of $39,000, or 188% of the Federal Poverty Level, will save $1,800 per year. This represents Monroe County’s first reduction to the Parent Fee for subsidized childcare in over a decade.

“I am incredibly grateful for the quality childcare my children receive through Monroe County so I can go to work and support our family and our future,” said Dionne Lovett, a local parent who will benefit from the reduction. “The new lower Parent Fee is a big blessing that will help us save over $200 each year. I thank County Executive Dinolfo for making it easier for working families like mine to get by while still being able to count on quality childcare services for our kids.”

Each year, Monroe County invests nearly $48 million in affordable childcare, serving nearly 7,500 local children. Many components of Monroe County’s subsidized childcare programming are mandated by New York State, including the administration of a Parent Fee. Monroe County’s state-mandated minimum share of childcare spending is $4.2 million, or more than the minimum shares supported by Albany, Erie, and Onondaga counties combined.

Monroe County’s new Parent Fee reduction will be effective August 5.