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Dinolfo Announces Winners of First Annual STOP-DWI High School Radio Contest

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo today announced the winners of the first annual Monroe County STOP DWI High School Radio contest. This contest invites local high school students to create 30-second public service announcements about the dangers of drunk driving. Dinolfo was joined at the awards ceremony by STOP DWI Coordinator Peggy Duffy and local high school students.

“In our media-focused world, the STOP-DWI Radio Contest provides creative opportunity for students to help lead the fight against impaired driving,” said Dinolfo. “The students who participated in this contest impressed not only their teachers and classmates but our entire community by thoughtfully and creatively shining a light the lasting effects of impaired driving. I thank all of the participants and congratulate our talented winners.”

The first place winner received $400 for their work, second place team took home a $200 check; and the third place team was awarded $100. All three entries will be aired during STOP-DWI Labor Day Crackdown taking place August 17 – September 3, 2018.

“We are appreciative of all those who help us to spread the message of the importance of driving safe and sober, not only during the summer holiday and vacation season, but every single time a driver gets behind the wheel,” said Sheriff Todd K. Baxter. “We are especially grateful for our high schoolers’ perspective and involvement, through their creative and inspiring award-winning messaging. Thank you for sharing your talents with our community, and more importantly, for impressing upon your peers how critical it is to drive safely and responsibly. Congratulations to all of the participants and winners of the STOP-DWI High School Radio Contest. You’ve made us all proud.”

The 2018 STOP DWI Radio Contest winners are all from Gates Chili High School:
• First Place: Maya Blackwell, Kynesha Milwood, and Zionah Campbell
• Second Place: Connor Hamilton, Brittany Hargrove
• Third Place: Amanda Andorka, Jessica Donath, Azizi Sarkis

The judging committee examined a total of twenty entries from local high school students. Each entry was judged on originality, messaging and public safety appeal.

“Congratulations to the student winners of the Stop-DWI radio contest! We are currently in the 100 deadliest days in which drinking and driving horrifically affects the community in which we live. The act of drinking and driving is simply unacceptable and these students articulately illustrated the issues and effects surrounding the problems we continue to face as people irresponsibly and with no regard for others, get behind the wheel under the influence.” said District Attorney Sandra Doorley.

The panel of judges for this year’s contest included: Virginia Verhagen, Principal Central Police Services Administrator; Tina Verno Stevens, Environmental Educator, Monroe County Office of Traffic Safety and Officer Peggy Duffy of Monroe County STOP-DWI Program.