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Dinolfo Announces Projects Approved by Imagine Monroe

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo today announced that Imagine Monroe has approved assistance for two local economic development projects for Sirness Vending Services and Ideal Manufacturing, Inc. The projects are projected to retain a total of 85 jobs and create a total of 8 new full-time jobs in Monroe County.

“I am incredibly grateful to these successful local employers for choosing our community to expand their operations and create new jobs and opportunity along the way,” said Dinolfo. “Monroe County is open for business now more than ever and we look forward to continuing to do our part to help employers grow jobs and our local economy in the months to come.”

November 2017 Approved Projects:
Sirness Vending Services
3595 Buffalo Road, Rochester, NY 14624
Total Project Cost: $ 739,871 – Sales Tax Exemption (EquiPlus)
New Jobs Created: 4 new full-time jobs

Sirness Vending Services (Sirness) is a vending and micro-market food service operation located in the Town of Gates. Sirness has been supplying and stocking vending machines in the Rochester area since 1977. The company services more than 500 firms in Western, NY. Modern technology allows them to be notified when products are depleted or obsolete, so they can provide just-in-time service to their customers. As a result, the company is in the process of converting its fleet of trucks over to smaller, more efficient vehicles. Sirness plans on purchasing 14 Dodge Promaster 3500 refrigeration vans, and 1 Promaster City Service van. The $739,871 project will create at least 4 full-time jobs, and will allow the business to continue to expand and become more efficient. Sirness is seeking a Sales Tax Exemption on the purchases.

Ideal Manufacturing, Inc.
999 Picture Parkway, Webster, NY 14580
Total Project Cost: $629,314 – Sales Tax Exemption and Manufacturing Equipment Investment
New Jobs Created: 4 new full-time jobs

Ideal Manufacturing, Inc. (Ideal) is a manufacturer of high capacity helical piles and STELCOR drilled-in displacement micropiles for the construction industry. Ideal is proposing to convert 10,000 square feet of offices into manufacturing space, relocate offices, update restrooms and improve air filtration at their 63,000 square foot facility in the Town of Webster at a cost of $250,000. Project purchases include $311,000 of manufacturing equipment and $68,314 of other taxable items. The $629,314 project will retain 44 full-time jobs and is projected to create 4 new full-time jobs over the next three years. The company has been approved for a GreatRate on the equipment purchase through the Monroe County Industrial Development Corporation and is seeking approval of the EquiPlus sales tax exemption on construction materials and other taxable items.