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Dinolfo Announces New Tool to Coordinate Response During Winter Weather Events

Dinolfo Announces New Tool to Coordinate Response During Winter Weather Events

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo was joined by representatives from municipal Departments of Public Works (DPW) in Monroe County to announce a new tool to coordinate our community’s collective response during winter weather events. The Snow and Ice Board, a new component of the County’s existing WebEOC technology, will provide a streamlined resource for municipal DPW’s to report up-to-the-minute conditions on the ground and help to inform and guide local response efforts.

“Those of us who live and work in Monroe County know our cold winters can bring a slew of challenges that are best faced together,” said Dinolfo. “Monroe County’s new Snow and Ice Board will provide real time information to our local government partners and help guide decisions about plowing, salting, and protecting public safety. I’m proud of the way our community works together in response to challenging weather and I look forward to implementing this new technology to bring our winter readiness to the next level.”

Each municipality will be able to input details on changing road conditions, progress of snow removal operations and changes to snow removal plans in response to excessive snowfall in certain areas. Municipalities will also be able to input their specific snowfall rates that may vary across the County.

These details will assist other municipalities in the storm’s anticipated path to prepare accordingly, bringing in additional staff as needed. The WebEOC Snow and Ice Board will also help guide the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management’s (OEM) recommendations regarding any road closures, travel advisories and restrictions that may be necessary.

“Last March, a massive windstorm caused unprecedented damage across Monroe County, triggering a comprehensive, community-wide response effort,” said Dinolfo. “WebEOC technology helped guide our collaborative approach to the windstorm and will prove invaluable in any future weather event, large or small. We have high expectations for WebEOC’s impact this winter and for years to come.”

Most Town and Village DPW officials have already received training on the WebEOC Snow and Ice Board. Participation on the part of municipalities is voluntary.