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RFPs (Request for Proposals)

If there are any questions regarding Monroe County RFP's, please contact Monroe County Purchasing and Central Services at 585 753-1100 or by fax at 585-753-1104.

#Title and InfoProposal Due Date
RFP#0005-17RFQ-Centralized Work Experience Program (WEP) Placement and Management
RFQ Coordinator: Walter Webert -
3:00 pm
RFP#0006-17RFQ-Temporary Nursing Personnel (CNAs, LPNs and RNs)
RFQ Coordinator: Walter Webert - Addendum#1 posted 2/24/17.
3:00 pm
RFP#0007-17Health Insurance and Financial Management, Counseling and Assistance for the Elderly
RFP Coordinator: Kim Boedicker - Addendum#1 posted 2/24/17.
3:00 pm
RFP#0008-17RFQ On-Call Aviation Related Legal Services
RFQ Coordinator: Stephanie Lucania -
3:00 pm
RFP#0009-17Draft RFP - Operation & Maintenance of the County Resource Recovery Facility & Transfer Station
RFP Coordinator: Leslie Buck - A pre-proposal meeting and site tour will be at the Resource Recovery Facility and Transfer Station, 1845 Emerson St., Rochester, NY 14606 on Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 1:00 pm. Attendees must RSVP to the RFP Coordinator by March 21, 2017. Addendum#1 posted 2/21/17.
3:00 pm
RFP#0010-17RFP-Elder Abuse Intervention and Emergency Respite Services
RFP Coordinator: Kim Boedicker -
3:00 pm