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Online Access to Public Records

Electronic Records Indexing

Our office is proud to offer access to public records. Any information available through the terminals in our downtown office is accessable to you right on your desktop. This information includes image retrieval of documents that have been scanned into our system since June of 1993.

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Please note that currently, e-filed documents are not replicated to our internal system.  If you have an index number beginning with E, the original documents can be accessed at the NYS Unified Court System's NYSCEF system. (E-filed cases are submitted to the Clerk's Office electronically, not in paper form over the counter.  Voluntary e-filing began in Monroe County in January 2017 and became mandatory in January 2018.)

Record Disclosure for Internet Searches

Please be advised

In order to confirm data accuracy, the Verified field must read “Yes” for each record.

Records with a “No” in the Verified field have not been checked by our office and may contain incorrect data. All records are usually verified within five (5) business days.


Unauthorized use, theft, trespass or illegal access with respect to any records available through this service, and tampering with or unlawful duplication of any of these records in any manner whatsoever, is a violation of Article 156 of the Penal Law of the State of New York and may subject the party to penalties provided for in the statute.


For information about the features of this service, please refer to the online help guide available on the site menu at the left.

For technical assistance using our database - e.g. problems with images loading - please contact the software developer, Kofile.

Search Clerk Public Records Database Now


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