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What is the Monroe County e-Notifier?

The e-Notifier is a permission-based e-mail service that sends you information of particular interest to you.

How to subscribe

To subscribe simply click the “Sign-Up for Service!” tab above and tell us your name and email address, then select a password so you can modify your preferences in the future. Indicate which topics you would like to be notified of by clicking on the box next to that topic and click the "Sign me up!" button.

Modify Preferences

Once you’ve signed-up, you can easily change your email address or password, sign-up for more topics or even unsubscribe, if you choose. All of these options are available by clicking the “Modify Preferences” tab above.

In the meantime, you will receive email with information pertaining to the topics of interest you have chosen. No more searching. Just tell us to notify you and we will!

Thanks for using e-Notifier!