Days of Inaction
Time is Ticking

American Rescue Plan:
Time To Vote

Monroe County received $144 Million in Federal American Rescue Plan funding to invest in transformative programs and services. Following a thoughtful, deliberate year-long process, which included input from community members, service providers, and stakeholders, County Executive Adam Bello proposed a first round of $100 million in investments into programs our community has needed for years. 

Time is ticking. President Sabrina LaMar and the Republican Majority have had this legislation since September 20. They refuse to bring it to the floor of the legislature for a vote. Their inaction is delaying funding and critical work for these vital community initiatives:

  • Expanded housing for homeless veterans 
  • Affordable childcare options
  • Workforce development programs in high demand fields
  • Services for domestic violence survivors 
  • Expanded mental health clinics 
  • Loans for Minority and Women Owned Businesses 
  • Eliminating barriers to healthcare 
  • Helping seniors navigate health care and bridge the digital divide 
  • Support services for vulnerable children

Tell President LaMar and the Republican Majority to vote now on these vital transformative and sustainable community programs. 

Call: 585-753-1950
Contact Your Legislator