The Council for People with Disabilities

The Monroe County - City of Rochester Council for People with Disabilities (CPWD) is a nine-member advisory board made up of people representing a broad cross-section of disabilities and is designed to advise Monroe County and the City of Rochester on issues facing people with disabilities.

Appointments to the council are based on the contributions that volunteer members can make in implementing the mission, goals and objectives of the council. Consideration is given to include broad areas of representation from various disabilities, ethnic, racial, sex, age and socioeconomic groups. Consideration is also given to place of residence to ensure a broad geographic representation.

CPWD Advisory Board

  • Suzanne Johnston, Chair
  • Ann Publow, Vice Chair
  • Laura Mass, Secretary
  • Gary Gould
  • Jeanne Ricigliano
  • Kareen Zeitounzian
  • Helen Jones
  • Henry Adler

Ex-Officio County

  • Megan Metzler

Ex-Officio City

  • Josanne Reaves
  • Luticha Doucette


To be an advisory council to the Monroe County Executive and the Mayor of the City of Rochester. In this capacity, the council is to act as a catalyst to unite and coordinate efforts in the County of Monroe and the City of Rochester to achieve a better understanding and fulfillment of the needs of persons with disabilities regardless of their disability.


To provide advice on the removal of physical and other barriers to people with disabilities in County and City Government employment practices, and in delivery of City and County Government programs, services and activities. These advisory efforts by the council are meant to help effectuate subtitle A of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability by public entities.

The council recognizes the dedicated efforts of consumers, individuals, families, professionals and public officials that have resulted in the impressive array of services and programs already available to persons with disabilities residing in Monroe County. There are still problems to overcome, needs to be addressed and solutions to implement. The council will work with the County and City to make our community's quality of life outstanding for each and every person.

CPWD Impact

Partnership with RGRTA

The council partnered with the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority (RGRTA) to provide insight and perspective during the discovery phase of plans to build a bus terminal on Mortimer Street in Downtown Rochester to ensure the terminal meets the needs of all customers. The council has met twice with RGRTA and provided ongoing consultation as the project progressed. The council previously lent similar perspective to the Frontier Field Project to help ensure full accessibility.

Useful Information

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