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TIG Consortium and Related Resources

The Consortium for Trauma, Illness & Grief in Schools (TIG) is a county-wide, multi-agency effort to prepare school districts to have appropriate mental health support in place during incidents of trauma, violence, illness and death that impact the school.  TIG provides education, training opportunities and support to assist schools to effectively respond to the needs of children, parents, teachers, and other school personnel in times of crisis.  The TIG website, has more detailed information as well as resources on grief, loss and trauma.

The Monroe County Office of Mental Health contact for TIG is:
Jessica Watington, TIG Coordinator
(585) 753-2877

Youth Risk Behavior Survey Analysis

Another activity that Monroe County Office of Mental Health has undertaken to support our local school districts is analysis of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey.  To increase our efficacy in managing childhood adversity and trauma, our office has developed a cross-system partnership including local school districts, county government and community-based organizations to assess local Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) data, resiliency factors and risk behaviors in youth.  A summary of the results from the 2017 YRBS survey and suggestions on how everyone can help support our youth in overcoming the negative effects of ACEs is available in this PDF:  ACES in Monroe County 

The dissemination of the results of this innovative analysis has driven a strategic plan accelerating change in schools, the service system and community.   A summary of the steps we have and are undertaking to make a difference in Monroe County is available in this PDF: ACES Community Collaboration  

Our work was presented at the Annual Staff Development Training Forum sponsored by the NYS Coalition for Children's Behavioral Health and the NYS Office of Mental Health at Saratoga, NY in November of 2018.    Click on the link below to view the presentation slides:

     Growing Resilience: Using Local Childhood Adversity, Youth Risk Behavior and Asset Data to Accelerate Change in Systems of Care

For more information on analysis work in this area, contact:

Deb Hodgeman, Chief - Information Management and Analytics

(585) 753-2878

Resiliency Series - Dr. Ginsburg

Keynote Presentation (10/4/2016- AM) click here

School Session (10/4/2016- PM) click here

Parent Session (10/4/2016- EVENING) click here

Professional Seminar (10/5/2016) click here

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