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Monroe County Heroin Task Force


Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with Monroe County, the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office, the Monroe County Public Safety Office, Rochester Police Department, Ogden Police Department and Gates Police Department in establishing an Incident Command Post that is staffed with members of several law enforcement agencies capable of bringing resources to bear within the critical first 24 – 36 hours of an opioid related incident. The Incident Commander reports directly to the Chief Deputy, Michael Fowler, on all Command Post matters and receives guidance from a Steering Committee comprised of Sheriff Todd Baxter, District Attorney Sandra Doorley, Rochester Police Department Interim Chief Mark Simmons, and Monroe County Public Safety Director Richard Tantalo. MCAC Field Intelligence Officers, as well as several non-governmental organizations, are also committed to providing support and resources to this effort.

“There is no greater drug epidemic than the one our community is facing right now,” said Sheriff Todd K. Baxter. “Opioid overdose affects all of us; our families, our neighborhoods, our church communities, our children. We are attacking this crisis head-on with an aggressive approach, including a multi-jurisdictional partnership involving increased manpower, resources, and outreach. The Monroe County Heroin Task Force and Opioid Command Post are committed to responding from every angle within the critical first 24-36 hours of an opioid incident. We can’t afford not to. Lives depend on it.”

The Command Post became operational February 1, 2018.  The success of this effort rests with the timely distribution of real-time, actionable data that allows police agencies to search for patterns and trends that will lead to long-term investigations and the successful prosecution of heroin dealers and suppliers.  The daily reports are turned into tangible assignments that are distributed at the Command Post briefing each morning based upon what occurred the previous evening.  A law enforcement officer or service provider response is assigned and tracked.

This operation would not be successful if it weren't for the resources committed to prevention, including the tireless work being done at numerous valuable non-profit agencies in our community.  These agencies provide outreach, counseling, and other resources committed to reducing the impact of addiction.  We are fortunate to have these non-profit organizations who accomplish our mission through education, consultation, advocacy, intervention, assessment and recovery support.



Heroin Overdoses and Fatalities

2021 # Overdoses # Fatal
Year To Date 213 46
January 58 12
February 36 10
March 57 12
April 62 12
2020 # Overdoses # Fatal
Year To Date 726 137
January 69 8
February 69 16
March 80 17
April 62 13
May 74 13
June 67 13
July 49 9
August 49 8
September 56 12
October 39 5
November 55 7
December 57 16
2019 # Overdoses # Fatal
Year To Date 839 127
January 71 10
February 47 10
March 62 7
April 37 5
May 64 14
June 93 13
July 110 17
August 77 9
September 82 13
October 78 10
November 48 8
December 70 11
2018 # Overdoses # Fatal
Year To Date 1133 166
January 96 14
February 85 16
March 85 12
April 94 12
May 104 17
June 104 14
July 110 18
August 94 7
September 101 12
October 115 17
November 74 14
December 70 13
2017 # Overdoses # Fatal
Year Total 766 220
2016 # Overdoses # Fatal
Year Total 329 169

Partners in Outreach

East House

Fairport Central Schools Presentation

Helio Health
1350 University Ave.
Rochester, NY  14607

Mission Recovery and Hope, Inc.
(585) 944-4270
1350 Buffalo Rd. #31
Rochester, NY  14624

Delphi Rise Open Access Program
Walk-ins welcome 24/7
835 W. Main St., Rochester, NY 14611


ROCovery Fitness
(585) 484-0234

Recovery Support Navigators
Family Navigator: (855) 778-1200
Peer Advocate : (855) 778-1300

Rochester Regional Health:  Open Access
Brighton: 2000 S. Winton Rd., Bldg. #2, Rochester, NY  14618
EBHC: 81 Lake Ave., Rochester, NY  14608
Greece: 1565 Long Pond Rd., Rochester, NY  14626
RMHC: 490 E. Ridge Rd., Rochester, NY  14621

S.O.A.R.S., Inc.
(585) 771-0896
Find us on Facebook

Veterans Outreach Center

Villa of Hope

Warrior Salute Veterans Services

More Information

Monroe County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Favata:


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