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Job Descriptions

Deputy Sheriff Road Patrol

This is a position in our Police Bureau. This is a professional law enforcement position responsible for the impartial enforcement of all federal, state and local ordinances, the preservation of peace, and protection of lives and property. These deputies apprehend lawbreakers and assist in criminal investigations, and they are armed in the performance of their duties. They must be available for shift work, weekends, and holidays. Deputy Sheriffs in the Road Patrol must successfully complete training in accordance with New York State's Municipal Police Training Council. (The police academy is 24 weeks and an additional twenty weeks of field training).

Deputy Sheriff Road Patrol (Part-Time)

This is a position in our Police Bureau. These officers perform the same duties as Deputy Sheriffs who are in the Road Patrol full-time; however, their assignments are restricted to County Parks Patrol, Airport, Marine Unit, Mounted Unit, Social Service Offices and the Sheriff’s Tactical Accident Reduction (S.T.A.R.) Unit.

Deputy Sheriff Jailor

This is a position in our Jail Bureau. These officers are responsible for supervising inmates in one of the Monroe County jail facilities, ensuring that order, discipline, safety and security are maintained. Employees must successfully complete a training course mandated by the New York State Commission of Corrections. (The jail academy is 16 weeks including field training).

Deputy Sheriff Court Security

This is a position in our Court Security Bureau. Court Security officers are responsible for maintaining order, security, and decorum in the Hall of Justice, Public Safety Building and in the courtrooms during trials. Duties include the protection of judges, juries, courtroom participants and the general public. Candidates must successfully complete a 15-week Court Security Academy.

Deputy Sheriff Civil Bureau

This is a position in our Civil Bureau. This civil law enforcement position includes responsibilities for the service of legal process, such as summons, subpoena's complaints and court orders. In addition, this position is responsible for enforcement of court orders such as property seizures, wage garnishments, civil arrests and evictions. Candidates must successfully complete a 24-week training academy.

Monroe County Civil Service Commission

The Monroe County Civil Service Commission is composed of five members appointed by the County Executive for a six-year term. The Commission oversees the Civil Service function for all branches of local government in Monroe County, except for those covered under the Rochester Municipal Civil Service Commission, such as the City of Rochester and the Rochester Housing Authority.

As part of its services, the Monroe County Civil Service Commission provides Monroe County government and jurisdictions with the following:

  • Determines position titles and develops job descriptions.
  • Administers examinations for competitive titles and establishes lists of qualified candidates.
  • Interprets Civil Service Law, and Rules covering appointment, promotion, discipline and discharge.

You can find out more detailed information about the classification, appointment process, eligibility lists and civil service exams by visiting the Monroe County Civil Service Information.

For more information please contact the Sheriff’s Recruitment Office at 585-753-4705/4706 or email


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