Police Bureau

Duties and Responsibilities

The primary law enforcement responsibilities of the Police Bureau are the road patrol and criminal investigations. The bureau also provides support functions and specialized police activities in other areas including the county parks, at the Greater Rochester International Airport, and on area waterways.

The Criminal Investigations Section’s Major Crimes Unit directs a wide variety of cases throughout the year. These include major crimes such as murders. Some of our other specialized units include:

  • Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T)
  • Hazardous Devices Squad (HDS)
  • Strategic Traffic Accident Reduction (S.T.A.R.) Unit
  • SCUBA Team
  • Marine Patrol
  • Mounted Patrol
  • Canine Unit
  • Motorcycle Unit
  • Snowmobile Unit

Other Functions

Staff Services provide support services to all of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office bureaus. These functions include:

  • Records Unit – Processes central records, traffic violations, criminal records, fingerprinting, and gun permits.
  • Property Management Office – Stores all crime evidence, lost property and surrendered weapons.
  • Fleet Maintenance – Manages all vehicles, vessels and other specialized equipment.
  • Planning & Research – Researches funding, applies for grants, and administers health and safety programs.
  • Recruitment Unit – Processes candidates and coordinates background information for all employees.
  • Training Unit – Provides in-service, specialized, special unit and academy training.
  • Inspectional Services Unit – Inspects and audits the operations of all four bureaus.
  • Quartermaster Unit – Orders and manages all inventory and supplies for all four bureaus.

A woman pets the horse of a Mounted Patrol Deputy The bomb robot "Fred" draws attention from curious onlookers An excited Cub Scout tried on a scuba mask
(1) A woman pets the horse of a Mounted Patrol Deputy
(2) The bomb robot "Fred" draws attention from curious onlookers
(3) An excited Cub Scout tried on a scuba mask