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Dinolfo: County to Receive Lake Ontario Shoreline Restoration Funds

Dinolfo: County to Receive Lake Ontario Shoreline Restoration Funds

County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo announced that Monroe County will receive $1.5 million in grant funding from the New York State Office of Community Renewal, through its 2017 Imminent Threat Program, which will be allocated to support several County infrastructure restoration and mitigation projects along the shore of Lake Ontario.

“The flooding of Lake Ontario in 2017 took a significant toll on public infrastructure and therefore impacted every local taxpayer, not just those who live near the Lake” said Dinolfo. “Our County teams worked hard to ensure that no public services were disrupted by the flooding, but even now we are still repairing impacted infrastructure while reinvesting in improvement projects to prevent future damage. I thank Governor Cuomo and the Office of Community Renewal for helping us better protect county infrastructure and local taxpayers.”

The $1.5 million will be invested into public infrastructure maintained by the County’s Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Environmental Services (DES), and Department of Parks. Of that sum, $1 million will be used to restore County-owned public infrastructure damaged by last year’s flooding, while the remaining $500,000 will fund resiliency projects to prevent further damage in the event of future flooding.

The Monroe County restoration and mitigation projects to be funded through this grant include:

• Pure Waters Infrastructure: Restoration of the Lakeshore Interceptor Sewer and repair of the Charlotte Pump Station.
• Bypass Pumps: Replacement of pumps used to relieve street flooding and protect homeowner property.
• Irondequoit Bay Park West Road: Rehabilitation and protection of Bay Front South Road, which provides access to the southern end of Irondequoit Bay.
• Edgemere Drive Recovery and Repair Project: Bank armoring and installation of inline gate valves on storm system outlets to minimize the back up of flood waters.
• Webster Park Shoreline Protection: Installation of rock rip rap to protect the shoreline.