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Dinolfo to Unveil New Organ Donor Driver License Design to Celebrate Organ Donor Awareness Month

Wed, Apr 04 2007

New Organ Donor Driver License

Monroe Country Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo announced the “new face” of the NYS Driver license. New York drivers who choose to be an organ donor will now be issued a driver license with the “organ donor” designation prominently displayed on the front of the license. The new design is part of the DMV's ongoing efforts to promote organ donation during April which is Organ Donor Awareness Month.
“Becoming an organ donor is one of the most powerful gifts each of us can give. The ability to express your wish to be a donor when applying or renewing your license and have the organ donor designation printed on the front of the license will be a powerful way to show and encourage others to join you in donating life,” said County Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo.
Currently, there are more than 800 people waiting for organ transplants at University of Rochester Medical Center. Nearly 500 are waiting for liver transplants while almost 300 are waiting for kidney transplants. And each year, approximately 200 corneas are needed for transplant surgeries in our area.
“The new license designation is a simple but powerful change” added Linda Fraser, vice-chair for the New York Alliance for Donation and Executive Director of the Rochester Eye & Tissue Bank. “We applaud the efforts of the Department of Motor Vehicles and the NY State Department of Health for their role in making it easier for New Yorkers to designate themselves as organ, eye and tissue donors."
In addition, the license application now also will provide an opportunity to make a contribution to the “Life Pass it On” Trust Fund. Also, drivers can also choose to have customized "Donate Life" license plates. Contributions will fund organ and tissue donation education and awareness.
“We are excited to take a leadership role in advancing the cause of organ and tissue donation. Organ donation is a gift we all have the power to give, the gift of life,” said Dinolfo.
April is National Donate life Month, and the Council for Donation of Organs and Tissue is calling on all New Yorkers to consider signing up to become a potential organ and tissue donor.