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Brooks Activates Monroe County Emergency Operations Center in Preparation for Hurricane Sandy

Brooks Activates Monroe County Emergency Operations Center in Preparation for Hurricane Sandy
Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks announced she has ordered the activation of the Monroe County Emergency Operations Center (MCEOC) to oversee the coordination of, preparation for, and response to Hurricane Sandy. We now know that the greatest impact of this storm is projected to occur sometime tomorrow afternoon through late Tuesday. As a result of the activation, which is effective tomorrow, Monday, October 29th at 10 a.m., the MCEOC will be fully operational 24 hours a day until further notice. At the direction of County Executive Brooks, the County has also begun notifying, through the 911 Communication Center, residents along the shores of Lake Ontario of the potential for flooding.
The National Weather Service is not currently predicting widespread flooding in Monroe County; however, there may be flooding and damage to properties along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. There is also the potential for downed trees and power lines.
In preparation for the storm, residents should make sure the drains and the edge of streets are cleared of leaves to allow street drains to function properly. In addition, residents should take the following actions to ensure their safety;
·       DO NOT APPROACH DOWNED WIRES (power lines, telephone, cable, etc.) Report them to the appropriate agency for evaluation.
·       Use 9-1-1 for Emergency Calls Only
·       Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly, home-bound, and persons with disabilities
·       Do not operate any gas powered equipment inside your home or garage
·       Exercise caution when using candles and fireplaces. Never leave them unattended.
·       Traffic Safety Tips:
o   Slick Roads will be present, please provide safe distance for braking
o   Do not attempt to drive thru flooded roads or underpasses
o   Intersections with signals out should be treated as a 4-way stop
Residents are encouraged to visit or for further information on how to stay safe during a storm.