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Brooks Directs 120 Local Workers To Start Vital Projects and Avoid Loss of Federal Funds

Brooks Directs 120 Local Workers To Start Vital Projects and Avoid Loss of Federal Funds
Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks directed 120 local workers to begin two critical infrastructure projects currently being obstructed by the ten-member Democrat Caucus of the Monroe County Legislature. Brooks also called on those members to cast partisanship aside and fully-fund the two projects to completion, or risk putting local jobs and local travelers in harm’s way.
“Our roads and bridges should be off-limits when it comes to leveraging power, but two vital projects hang in the balance because ten members of our County Legislature continue to put politics ahead of the people they serve,” said Brooks. “To avoid losing federal funds that will cover over 80% of the cost, I’ve instructed 120 local workers to break ground and move these projects forward. Each day that passes without real, tangible progress at these sites jeopardizes federal funding, over 100 local jobs, and the safety of our traveling public.”
The two projects impacted are the Jetview Drive Extension Project in the Town of Chili and the Twin Bridge Project in the Town of Wheatland. The Twin Bridge has been rated “structurally deficient” by the State Department of Transportation and could slow first-response times in the Town of Wheatland due to vehicle weight restrictions. The Jetview Drive Project will allow for increased access to an industrial & commercial area that is home some of our community’s largest employers by providing direct access between Jetview Drive and Interstate 490. It will also ease congestion and strain on arterial and residential streets in the area that are currently utilized by commuters and shipping vehicles.
Both projects have received the full faith and support of the entire 19 member Republican Caucus of the County Legislature, but remain one vote shy of receiving $200,000 in local funding necessary to reach total project completion. Since both projects are over 80% covered by Federal government funds, each day that passed without measurable progress at the sites risked the possibility the designated monies could be reallocated outside of our community.
“Monroe County has taken action to put over 100 workers on the job and to protect the commuters and families who use these roads every day, but these projects are still in peril until full-funding is restored,” said Brooks. “I call upon at least one of the ten Democrat members to have the courage and conviction to cast partisanship aside and fully-fund these important projects as soon as possible.”
Brooks will request that the President of the Monroe County Legislature introduces this matter to the full body each month until funding for both projects has been restored.