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Brooks Announces Potassium Iodide Distribution to Ginna-Area Residents

Brooks Announces Potassium Iodide Distribution to Ginna-Area Residents

County Executive Maggie Brooks, joined by representatives from Wegmans Food Markets, announced the distribution of Potassium Iodide (KI) to Monroe County residents who live within the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone of the Ginna Nuclear Power Plant. The medication, supplied by the New York State Office of Emergency Management, will be provided free-of-charge at three area Wegmans stores from June 5th – June 30th.

“Providing residents who live in close proximity to the Ginna Nuclear Power Plant with KI is a simple but important step we can take to best protect our community in the extremely unlikely event an emergency should occur,” said Brooks. “Monroe County is proud to partner with Wegmans Food Markets to carry-out this proactive measure and ensure area residents have access to a new, precautionary supply of Potassium Iodide.”

Potassium Iodide is an over-the-counter medicine that protects the thyroid gland from uptake of radioactive iodine that could be released if a serious incident were to occur at the nuclear power plant. Such an emergency would be extremely rare and has never occurred locally. Officials encourage residents in the affected area to keep one dose on-hand for each family member. If the need ever arose to take the medication, the Emergency Alert System (EAS) would be activated and specific instructions would be provided.

KI will be available from June 5th – June 30th at the following Wegmans only:

·    Holt Road Store, 900 Holt Rd.
·    Eastway Store, 1955 Empire Boulevard
·    Penfield Store, 2157 Penfield Rd.

“We are happy to once again partner with Monroe County in the distribution of Potassium Iodide tablets to those who live in the Emergency Planning Zone,” says Jennifer Lang, Wegmans Eastway Supervising Pharmacist. “Making a difference in the communities we serve is important to us, and this is a great opportunity to work together to support a local safety initiative.”

Maps will be posted at the three stores to help residents determine if they reside within 10-miles of the power plant (most of Webster and part of Penfield). If a resident has previously received an emergency planning calendar from Constellation Energy, they likely live in the Emergency Planning Zone. Educational materials will also be provided to describe the use and storage of KI.

Businesses in the affected area can obtain their KI supply by visiting the Town of Webster Clerk’s Office located at 1000 Ridge Road.

KI that was distributed in 2007 should be disposed of in the garbage, not down the toilet or drain. It can also be taken to any authorized household hazard waste drop-off or pharmaceutical collection.

For further information regarding the KI distribution please call 753-5600 (Option 1) or visit the County’s Web site at

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