CII Community Opportunities Portal

Welcome to the  Community Opportunities PortalIf you've landed on this page,  you are looking for ways to get involved in this collaborative initiative for our community!

Please read on for more information on what we're doing, and how you can add your voice to this initiative.

The purpose of the Community Integration Initiative is to put the community at the center by meeting people where they are. It will build on the work DHS and community providers already do to impact poverty and inequities in a profound way while shifting how the community receives services. This requires that the new system be reimagined in collaboration with those who use and deliver county services. 

  The catalyst of this multi-year initiative led by the County, and DHS is the RASE Commission Report. TogetherNow will assist with facilitation.

Open Opportunities

If you're looking for ways to get involved with this project,  please fill out our Interest Form!  This is the best way to get information direct to your inbox on opportunities as they arise.

Share your thoughts

As a community-focused project, we are always open to hearing from you on this initiative. 

Provider Focus Groups

The CII (Community Integration Initiative) Team will be offering provider focus groups through the rest of September.  These  1-2 hour sessions are meant to hear feedback from providers on their experiences working with DHS, delivering services in this community, and ideas for changes that could be made to improve service delivery.   These sessions are closed and require registration, so please follow the links below if you're interested in participating.


Virtual Sessions: September 19th
Location: Zoom 


In-person Sessions:  September  22nd
Location: United Way, 75 College Ave.