Semiautomatic Rifle Permits

Effective September 4th, 2022, New Yorkers will be able to apply for a Semi-Automatic rifle permit. There are 3 ways to obtain this permit.

NOTE: A Semi-Automatic Rifle License is required to purchase and take possession of a semiautomatic rifle on or after September 4, 2022. Semi-Automatic Rifles purchased before September 4, 2022 do not need to be registered or listed on your permit.

Appointment Or Mail-in/Drop-Off

One person per appointment and a maximum of 5 guns for in-person appointments. Any transactions with more than 5 guns must be left at our office for processing.

1) I have a Pistol/Revolver Permit and I want to apply for a Semi-Automatic Rifle Permit.

You do not need to apply for a new license but can amend your current license to include the Semi-Automatic endorsement. You will need:

  • Completed amendment form
    • Instructions for how to complete the amendment can be found here
  • A copy of your entire pistol permit (including firearm cards)
  • Your phone number so we can contact you with any questions
  • Payment of $5 – cash, check, or credit card

This process will be completed at your appointment, or within 7-10 days if you mail-in or drop-off your paperwork. 

**Semi-Automatic Rifle Permits cannot be issued on paper Pistol/Revolver Permits. You will need to fill out a Plastic Card Conversion form with your completed amendment. Paper permits changing to plastic will require an in-person appointment at our office. We will contact you about when you can come in. Do not send your amendment to add the endorsement, bring that paperwork to your appointment when you receive your plastic card.

2) I have a pending Pistol/Revolver Permit application and want to apply for the Semi-Automatic Rifle Permit.

You do not need to fill out another permit application but can add the request for the licensing officer. You will need:

This process will be completed with your pending pistol permit application, depending on its status in the process. If the Judge has already approved your application, you will need to complete the process outlined in option 1) above.

3) I do not have a Pistol/Revolver Permit but would like to apply for the Semi-Automatic Rifle Permit.

You will need to fill out a Pistol/Revolver/Semi-Automatic Rifle Application and submit it for the standard process of a background check and consideration by the licensing officer. You are not required to apply for a Pistol/Revolver License in order to obtain a Semi-Automatic Rifle permit, but do have that option.

Do not fill out the portions of the Application that pertain to a Carry Concealed Permit unless you wish to apply for one. There is no training requirement for a Semi-Automatic Rifle permit however, applications indicating a desire to apply for both a Carry Concealed and Semi-Automatic Rifle permit must meet all the new requirements in State Law for a Carry Concealed Pistol/Revolver Permit.

This process will take between 6-12 months.

You will need:

  • Completed Pistol/Revolver/Semi-Automatic Rifle Permit Application.
    • Information on the application can be found here
  • Payment