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Use the links below to download a zip file of map layer data in ESRI shapefile format for use in mapping applications. Each zip contains files with the following file extensions: cpg, dbf, prj, sbn, sbx, shp, shp.xml, & shx.


Street Centerlines and Address Points are maintained by the New York State GIS Program Office. Click on the links below to download street centerlines or address points directly from New York State.

NYS Street Centerlines

NYS Address Points


Parcel Boundaries are maintained by the Monroe County Office of Real Property. If you wish to acquire parcel boundaries, please visit the Monroe County Office of Real Property website.


2017 Monroe County LiDAR Data

** To download LiDAR data, click the button below**

LiDAR Download Site

In April 2017, the Monroe County Department of Environmental Services-Geographic Information System (GIS) Services Division contracted XEOS Imaging to acquire LiDAR data over the entire county. A total of 9 missions were flown with a Cessna 206 Turbo aircraft (C-GPXA) equipped with a LiteMapper 6800 system including a Riegl LMS-Q680i 400 KHz laser scanner. The final absolute accuracy of LiDAR points is estimated to be 11.7 centimeters with a 95% confidence level. Each point was post-processed in NAD83 (2011) State Plane New York West Zone, US Survey Feet. The vertical datum is NAVD88.

Flight Configuration Data:

Pulse density per flight line (pls/m2): 5.4

Nominal laser pulse rate (kHz): 300

Effective laser pulse rate (kHz): 200

Scanning angle (deg): 60

Flying speed (knots): 100

Flying height above the ground level, AGL (m): 625

Swath overlap: 30%

Scan frequency (lignes/second): 120

Vert/Horiz Accuracy: 11.7 cm with 95% confidence

Point spacing: 0.43 meters

Total area captured: 705.48 square miles

Learn More About LiDAR

Image showing a bare earth LiDAR derived landscape

The GIS Division offers LiDAR data consisting of contour lines and digital elevation model rasters in ESRI Geodatabase format. This data format can be extracted into shapefiles or GeoTiffs and should be usable in most GIS and CAD programs. A sample for Cobbs Hill Park can be downloaded here.

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