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Accessible Preparedness Training​​

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Without proper training, gear, and emergency plans, you may not be ready when disaster strikes. Make sure to get training in multiple areas to ensure you are ready for an emergency. We have compiled multiple resources to help guide you in the direction you need to go in order to have adequate training. 

Register for any of our preparedness training classes to increase your level of preparedness. Learn the reasons why people need to be prepared, understand the unique ways your preparedness is different than someone else, learn how to write and practice emergency plans, and join us during our emergency kit building workshops to get your FREE emergency kit assembled. 

Check out the training classes below for more information:

Accessible Preparedness 101 - The 5 W's of Preparedness - No one wants to build a house on a faulty foundation. Why would you build your preparedness plans without first building a good foundation of understanding why you are preparing? Come to this training class to learn an overview of preparedness. Learn the five W's of preparedness to secure your emergency foundation. 

Accessible Preparedness 201 - Individual Preparedness - Preparedness is not captured in a "One Size Fits All" plan or kit. Life is always changing, technology is advancing, and no two people have the same obstacles. In this collaborative training, we will discuss unique obstacles to preparedness from all participants and create a personalized list for your individual preparedness kit. The items on each participant's list will be ordered, depending on the budget, so that everyone will get the majority of their personalized kit for FREE. ​

Accessible Preparedness 301 - Writing an Emergency Plan - Do you have an emergency plan? Is your plan outdated, confusing, or full of gaps? Has your family or home increased in size or complexity? Come learn how to make a professional emergency plan for you and/or your family. Everyone will have an opportunity to draft an emergency plan or refine their current plan during this session with help from our team. Everyone will receive resources and tools to help refine and practice their emergency plans. 

Accessible Preparedness 401 - Kit Building Workshop - If you joined us for Preparedness 201 and submitted your individualized list, then make sure to come to this class to receive the items we ordered for you and build your kit!

If you did not attend Preparedness 201, watch the video from Preparedness 201 and submit your list a MINIMUM of 30 days before this course starts to receive your free emergency kit items. Anyone who registers without a list or provides one after the deadline can still attend, however, there will be limited extra resources to build a kit.

We will go over ideas and thoughts of how to build your kit, when and how to use your kit, and how to continue the journey of preparedness to obtain the items not afforded in the budget, create multiple kits for home, work, traveling, etc. We will provide more information and resources on how to continue preparing and how to connect with organizations to help. 

Accessible Preparedness 501 - Emergency Drills - You have your emergency kit, but what good is a kit without practice? In this class we will go through several emergency scenarios to dig through your kit and talk through what you would use and how it would help in each scenario. This will help to understand the items in your kit, optimize the arrangement, and figure out if there is anything missing. If the budget allows, any gaps noted during this process will be ordered to fill out kits. 

Accessible Preparedness 601 - Train-the-Trainer - The first step is to make sure you are prepared. Next, we should look to family, friends, neighbors, and our community. If you found these courses to be helpful and think you would enjoy teaching others about preparedness, sign up for this class to get all of the training material and learn how to teach others. This train-the-trainer course will provide a thumb drive of the presentations and hard copy materials. This will help spread awareness in multiple areas at once and build our community resilience. ​

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