50 City Place, 7th Floor
Rochester, NY 14614
 (585) 753-2400

 David C. Scott, Chief Diversity Officer
[email protected]

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Department Overview

The Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion works across all Monroe County departments to support a focus on the recruitment, retention, promotion, and development of people from diverse backgrounds. The Department’s work oversees the cultivation of a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture that is intentional about access and opportunity for marginalized populations fostered by leadership. Since its implementation the Department has assisted County leaders in ensuring that processes, procedures, and services performed by Monroe County are equitable for all.

There are 5 pillars of excellence used to measure the success of the work we do:

  1. Compliance and accountability- work driven by local, state, and federal laws
  2. Communication and education- work to spread awareness about DEI, ADA, EEO, LA and MWBE
  3. Culture, inclusiveness and belonging-  work to create an environment where everyone can thrive
  4. Community engagement- work to hear and understand the voice of the community
  5. Equitable systems- work to dismantle inequitable systems and create access and opportunity for all

The Mission

Monroe County’s DEI Department is committed to influencing a culture that is accessible and fair to all through its systems, processes, and services.

Our Vision

To foster a culture that embraces and values diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our workforce and community. 

Our Values

The Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’s guiding principles serve as a compass to move MC’s workforce towards more equitable practices, policies, and procedures promoting an environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive: 

We promote Respect, each person’s differences are treated with a humanistic approach. 

We promote Empathy, showing compassion, and acting without judgment towards all. 

We promote Courage, empowering all employees to use their authentic voices to influence change. 

We promote Curiosity, providing opportunities for continuous learning in cultural awareness. 

We promote Accountability, influencing transparency and trust in all processes, procedures, and decision-making.