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Living Assistance

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is a federally funded program that assists low income households in meeting the high costs of heating.

If you are currently receiving Temporary Assistance or Food Stamps, please contact your worker directly. In most cases, you are automatically eligible and a HEAP benefit has likely already been calculated and authorized for payment in January.

If you are a Monroe County resident age 60 years or older, and are not currently in reciept of Temporary Assistance or Food Stamps, please call the Senior Citizen's HEAP office at Lifespan at 244-8400 ext. 102 for assistance. Lifespan can answer any questions you may have, assist you with the application process, and address any emergency heating situations. Best of all, all this may be accomplished over the telephone.

Special Assistance for Home Owners: If you are a home owner and your furnace is in need of repair, we may be able to assist you with the cost of the repair. For more information, please call 753-6280 between the hours of 9am and 3pm, Monday through Friday.

New York State HEAP Website

Educating Boomers on Financial & Retirement Planning

During the month of July, the Eldercare Locator identified callers who are older boomers age 51-60 and asked if they are saving for retirement and if they expect to work beyond age 65. It was found that while 60 percent of them report they are saving annually, over half think they will need to work past the retirement age.

To address this issue, The Eldercare Locator in partnership with USDA CSREES (Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service) is launching a media outreach campaign focused on financial and retirement planning choices for boomers. The center of this campaign is the release of a new consumer guide, entitled "Pick up the Pace" which is designed to educate boomers about financial and retirement planning choices and to help them secure their financial outlook for the future.

Print copies of the guide will be available to order by calling the Eldercare Locator or visiting

Picture of older woman smiling.OASIS Program

OASIS is a national education organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for mature adults. Offering challenging programs in the arts, humanities, wellness, and volunteer services, OASIS creates opportunities for older adults to continue their personal growth and meaningful service to the community.

Individuals age 50 or older may join OASIS by registering in person, or by mailing the registration form found in their catalog. Members are entitled to a membership card, participation in all OASIS programs, special events, parties, mailings, and occasional special discounts. Membership is FREE. There is a fee for some classes. Scholarships are available.

OASIS is located at Lifetime Care, 259 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607. For more information on OASIS, or to receive a course catalog, please call 585-730-8800 between the hours of 9am and 3pm, Monoday through Friday. You can also view current course offerings on the OASIS website. 

OASIS Website

Senior Citizen Lease Termination

Know Your Rights

Information from the Tenant’s Rights Guide, Office of New York State Attorney General

Tenants or their spouses living with them, who are sixty-two years or older, or will attain such age during the term of their leases, are entitled to terminate their leases if they relocate to an adult care facility, a residential health care facility, subsidized low-income housing, or other senior citizen housing.

When such tenants give notice of their opportunity to move into one of the above facilities, the landlord must release the tenant from liability to pay rent for the balance of the lease and adjust any payments made in advance.

Senior citizens who wish to avail themselves of this option must do so by written notice to the landlord. The termination date must be effective no earlier than thirty days after the date on which the next rental payment (after the notice is delivered) is due. The written notice must include documentation of admission or pending admission to one of the above mentioned facilities. For example, a senior citizen mails a notice to the landlord of his or her intention to terminate the lease on April 5; the notice is deemed received April 10. Since the next rental payment (after April 10) is due May 1, the earliest lease termination will be effective June 1.

Anyone who interferes with the tenant’s or his or her spouse’s removal of personal effects, clothing, furniture or other personal property from the premises to be vacated will be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Owners or lessors of a facility of a unit into which a senior citizen is entitled to move after terminating a lease, must advise such tenant, in the admission application form, of the tenant’s rights under the law.

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