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Due to the ongoing public health crisis, Monroe County Civil Service may need to cancel or postpone exams. Candidates impacted by these decisions will be notified.

Human Resources

 210 County Office Building
39 W. Main St.
Rochester, NY 14614

 Phone: 585 753-1700
 Fax: 585 753-1728

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Key HR Functions

The department of Human Resources contains seven major functional units.

Benefits Unit

The Benefits Unit manages the mandatory and discretionary benefits available to Monroe County employees and retirees. Some of the programs are health and dental insurance plans, New York State Employee Retirement System (NYSERS) pension, flexible spending accounts, pre-tax parking, and Section 457 deferred compensation plans. The Benefits Unit concentrates on the efficient administration of these benefits, as well as evaluating ways to control expenses.

To contact the Benefits Unit, call 585-753-1732 or e-mail to

The Benefits Unit is also involved with the County-wide Wellness Program.

Civil Service Exam Administration Unit

The Civil Service unit administers the civil service examination process for competitive class positions, maintains civil service eligible lists, provides certifications of the eligible lists, and interprets the New York State Civil Service Law for Monroe County departments and the 68 other jurisdictions of the Monroe County Civil Service Commission. Reviewing and approving the qualifications of applicants for Civil Service examinations is an important function of this unit.Civil Service examinations are given from September through June each year.

Equal Employment Opportunity Unit

The Equal Employment Opportunity Unit is responsible for all facets of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law, the American with Disabilities Act, the Human Rights Law and other civil rights laws as they relate to employment with Monroe County. This includes recruitment, retention, promotion, enforcement, and training. The unit processes discrimination and harassment charges by employees and customers, and is responsible for providing pro-active policy awareness training for all employees. Training conducted pertains to diversity, sexual harassment, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

MC EEO AA Program 2020-21

MWBE/DBE Policy Statement

Labor Relations Unit

The Labor Relations Unit negotiates collective bargaining agreements with nine Unions that represent Monroe County employees. These Unions represent approximately 90% of the full-time County workforce. The unit also administers the collective bargaining agreements, including handling grievances, arbitrations, improper practice charges, and other employment-related matters with the Unions.

The unit advises County department heads and administrators on labor relation issues, including contract interpretation, employee investigations, discipline and discharge. The Labor Relations Unit also coordinates the Leadership Academy, an in-house training program for managers.

Payroll Unit

Payroll Unit is responsible for running the County’s bi-weekly payroll. The unit also creates and maintains history files for all Monroe County employees. In response to subpoenas and institutions conducting credit histories, the unit verifies requests for employee information. The unit also conducts audits and ensures the accuracy of the Monroe County payroll.

Personnel Support Unit

The Personnel unit serves in a liaison capacity to Monroe County departments and the other civil service jurisdictions of the Monroe County Civil Service Commission. The unit provides assistance to County departments in the areas of Civil Service Law, County policies and practices, recruitment and appointments, labor contract compliance, and position classification. In addition to the County departments, this unit also provides civil service assistance to the 68 other jurisdictions of the Monroe County Civil Service Commission which includes all Monroe County towns, villages, school districts, the Rochester City School District, fire districts, libraries, Monroe Community College (MCC), and the Monroe County Water Authority. The unit is also responsible for payroll certification for all jurisdictions under the Monroe County Civil Service Commission.

Risk Management Unit

The Risk Management unit identifies, assesses and helps mitigate personnel related risk for the County with the goals of safety and financial prudence. They are responsible for the County's absense management and return to work program, PESH compliance, Workplace Violence Prevention Program, Ethics Training, New Employee Orientation and EAP. They also administer workers compensation and unemployment insurance claims.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Monroe County government prohibits discrimination in employment, program activities, procurement and contracting on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, creed, veteran status, military status, status as a victim of domestic violence, gender identity, criminal history, genetic predisposition or carrier status, or retaliation with respect to hiring, compensation, terms, conditions or privileges of employment.

Monroe County services and programs are located in accessible facilities. Reasonable disability related accommodations needed to apply for or receive services, or for employment, may be requested of the applicable department, preferably five to seven days in advance. Examples include, but are not limited to, requests for sign language interpreters, requests that information be provided in alternative formats, or requests for staff assistance.

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