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Pick Up The Parks Event

We thank all those who care about our County Parks. Even though we could not do a 2020 Pick Up the Parks we hope to see you spring of 2021 for our next Pick Up the Parks Event

When Is Pick Up The Parks?


Pick Up the Parks will take place at 6 our 21 Parks across Monroe County Genesee Valley Park, Highland Park, Ellison Park, Powder Mills Park, Mendon Ponds Park, and Greece Canal Park from 9:00am-12:00pm with a catered meal to follow at Olmstead Lodge in Highland Park.

We ask volunteers to arrive at 8:30am to get signed in and registered.

What Is Pick Up The Parks?

Pick Up the Parks is an Annual County program that engages the community to help clean up the winter trash and debris accumulation.

It helps reduce the amount of litter entering our waterways.

It helps the parks get a jump start for looking great for the spring and summer months.

What Can I Expect?

You should arrive at 8:30am and check in with our site host for the location you choose. Each location has a max attendance we are aiming to hit. At 9:00am your site host will introduce themselves and begin distributing jobs and locations in the park they would like you to focus on. The jobs you can be expected to perform are: trash and litter pick up, raking sticks or leaves, picking up large rocks, sweeping out shelters or lodges, and in some locations weeding and mulching are needs.

Meet-Up Locations

Park Locations without lodges or shelters will meet at a central location for the sign in and post-clean up lunch. If registration for locations is low, volunteers will be asked to change to a different location.

  • Ellison Park- Pavillion Lodge
  • Greece Canal Park– Millenium Lodge
  • Highland Park– Olmsted Lodge
  • Mendon Ponds Park– Stewart Lodge
  • Powder Mills Park– Powderhorn Lodge
  • Webster Park– Parkview Lodge

How Can My Organization Become A Site Host And What Does A Site Host Do?

Contact Derek Smith at (585)753-7281 or email at

Provide volunteers to staff host site. All information, signs, and supplies will be provided.

Pre-registration is encouraged so that we can get a head count for the event and lunch to follow the event.


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