Pick Up The Parks

14th Annual Pick Up the Parks Event

When Is Pick Up The Parks?

Pick Up the Parks will take place at various Parks across Monroe County on April 20th 2024 from 9:00am-12:00pm.

We ask volunteers to arrive at 8:30am to get signed in and complete safety waviers. 

At 9:00am the park supervisor will begin distributing jobs and locations within the park they would like you to focus on. The jobs you can be expected to perform are: trash and litter pick up, raking sticks or leaves, picking up large rocks, sweeping out shelters or lodges, and in some locations weeding and mulching are needed.

Events are rain or shine. Unless extreme weather occurs, we will not postpone the events.

What Is Pick Up The Parks?

Help clean up the parks from the winter accumulation of trash and debris, reduce litter entering our local waterways, and help get the parks looking great for spring and summer.


Specific jobs include:

  •  Picking up trash/litter and/or loading up trucks to take trash off-site
  •  Raking/picking up debris (leaves, sticks, and rocks)
  •  Additional duties such as sweeping shelter & lodge areas and hard surfaces, and mulching & weeding may be available at some locations

Meet-Up Locations

The Monroe County Parks Department maintains 22 different Parks within the county. Each year we attempt to fill each park with at least one clean up group.

The group you are working under will be assigned a park and a meeting location within the park that the site host will provide you prior to the event.

How Can My Organization Become A Site Host And What Does A Site Host Do?

In order to register yourself, or a group, in the Pick Up the Parks Event (PUTP), please return this form by e-mail to [email protected].

Form must be submitted prior to April 5th 2024 to be consider a part of this year’s clean up