Beikirch Park

The entrance sign to Beikirch park

“It is also my hope that as people enter this park and walk among the heroes that are honored and remembered here that they will hear each hero say to them… ‘There is a different way to live your life. Live your life believing that there is something greater in life than me. Live your life caring for others… loving others. Greater love has no one than this… that you would lay down your life for your friend,” – Gary Beikirch

Park Information

In recognition of Vietnam Veteran and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Gary Beikirch the memorial section of Highland Park has been renamed to Beikirch Park. This change comes on May 13th 2021, and makes the 22nd named park for the Monroe County System. Now just south of Highland Ave the new park stands as a reminder to those that have been lost and those that served to help create better lives for us all.

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About Gary Beikirch

Sergeant Gary B. Beikirch is a Vietnam veteran and Medal of Honor Recipient, during the Vietnam War he served as a combat medic. During a battle at Dak Seang Camp Beikirch in the midst of Defending the camp ran into open fire to save a wounded soldier caught in the open. Despite a shrapnel wound he sustained rescuing the soldier he continued to perform medial operations on wounded soldiers, receiving more shrapnel wounds and getting shot in the stomach. After the war Beikirch had serval changes in his life that eventually lead to being a pastor, pursuing higher education and eventually becoming a counselor in his home city of Rochester NY at Greece Arcadia Middle School.

A picture of Gary Beikirch, wife Lolly Beikirch, and extended family in front of Beikirch park sign

Pictured above Sargent Gary Beikirch, wife Lolly Beikirch, and much of his extended family

Lilac Arches

Located near the corner of Highland and South Avenues, the Lilac Arches features interesting architectural form, a brick patio and benches. This site is available for rent for small receptions and weddings. For information and reservations please call 585 753-PARK (7275) or go to our Online Weddings Reservation System.


Greater Rochester Vietnam Veteran's Memorial

A memorial that commemorates the service, valor, and sacrifice of more than 28,000 Vietnam Veterans from our region as well as the 280 men who gave the ultimate sacrifice. For more information, go to

AIDS Memorial

A memorial that allows people who have been affected by the AIDS virus a quiet place for reflection.

Victims Rights Memorial

A memorial that recognizes members of our community that have been victims of violent crimes

Workers' Rights Memorial

A memorial that recognizes members of our community that have advanced the mission of the AFL-CIO.

*The memorials area of the park is handicapped-accessible

Coming Soon!

War on Terror Memorial