Septic System Replacement Fund

The Monroe County Department of Public Health is participating in the Statewide Septic System Replacement Fund to help facilitate the replacement of cesspools and septic systems that have significant environmental and/or public health impacts to groundwater used for drinking water, or a threatened or impaired waterbody. 

In Monroe County, this has been defined by the State program as septic systems within 250 feet of Irondequoit Bay, Mill Creek, Shipbuilders Creek, or their minor tributaries in the Towns of Irondequoit, Penfield, and Webster.  The fund is administered by the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation and can reimburse property owners for up to 50% of the eligible costs incurred for septic system projects, up to $10,000 per project.  

Single family, two family, and small businesses with an existing design sewage flow less than 1,000 gallons per day may be eligible for this program. An eligible septic system project is defined as the replacement of a cesspool with a septic system, the installation, replacement, or upgrade of a septic system or system components, or installation of enhanced treatment technologies to significantly and quantifiably reduce environmental and/or public health impacts associated with effluent from a cesspool or septic system. 

Monroe County has been allotted $150,000 in funds to disperse. Applications will be processed in the order they are received.

Property owners who think they may be eligible are encouraged to contact our office office at (585) 753-5060 to discuss any questions you may have about the program or application process. 

Please Submit Application to: 

Monroe County Department of Public Health
111 Westfall Road, Room 844
Rochester, NY 14620

Download Septic Program Application (pdf)