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MCBOE Press Release 5/16/2023 - ENR Findings

5/15/2022 - WXXI: 2023 Voter Guide: Budgets and school board elections in Monroe County

11/7/2022 - WXXI: Election results in Monroe County, New York

10/27/2022 - D&C: Monroe County candidate list for 2022 midterm election: Here is who is on the ballot

9/21/2022 - Channel 10: Board of Elections holds a voter registration drive on Tuesday at Chestnut Street

9/20/2022 - Channel 13: Voter registration drives held throughout Rochester

9/21/2022 - Channel 10: Plan Your Vote: Everything you need to know about voting in New York

9/20/2022 - Channel 8: Monroe County prepares for National Voter Registration Day

MCBOE Press Release 9/16/2022 - National Voter Registration Day 2022

6/27/2022 - Spectrum: Tuesday is primary day for Monroe County voters

MCBOE Press Release 6/25/2022 - Its Not Too Late! Inspectors Needed

MCBOE Press Release 6/17/2022 - Early Voting Begins Tomorrow

MCBOE Press Release 5/20/2022 - Important Election Information Regarding Primary Election 2022

11/2/2021 - Channel 8: Full results: Local 2021 general election voter returns

5/23/2021 - Channel 8: Primary voter guide: Every candidate, every race for June elections in and around Rochester

10/27/2020 - Channel 8: How to track your absentee

MCBOE Press Release 8/18/2020 - Board Asks for Community to Offer Voting Locations

MCBOE Press Release 6/30/2020 - Absentee Ballot Counting Starts July 1st

MCBOE Press Release 6/16/2020 - Your Absentee Ballot is on the way!

MCBOE Press Release 6/15/2020 - Sign Language Interpreter Added to Early Voting Location

MCBOE Press Release 6/12/2020 - Early Voting Available Starting Saturday, June 13th at 12 Locations Countywide

MCBOE Press Release 5/26/2020 - Casting An Absentee Ballot During COVID-19