Traffic Operations & Permits

The division manager represents the director on the City of Rochester’s Traffic Control Board. Division responsibilities include the review and coordination of traffic features (signs & striping) for all non-arterial street projects in the City of Rochester.

Traffic Investigations

The Traffic Investigation section responds to and investigates citizen requests for the need for or changes to traffic signs, coordinates the review of all city residential street improvement projects, and processes all traffic regulatory device changes for City and County highways.

Sign Fabrication and Installation

The Sign Fabrication & Installation section manufactures, installs and maintains all of the road signs used along county highways, City of Rochester streets (total approximately 85,000 signs, not including parking signs in the City). Through the county’s in-house sign fabrication section, revenue is received for fabricating signs for other county departments such as the airport, parks, clerk’s office, Monroe County facilities, towns and villages.

MCDOT Sign Upgrade Program

MCDOT is working on a sign upgrade program on County Roads and City Streets to meet new Federal sign standards mandated by the National Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) along with the New York State Supplement to the MUTCD. Our sign fabrication and installation section maintains more than 85,000 traffic related signs on County Roads and City of Rochester Streets.

The MUTCD has set forth new requirements for traffic related signage, including but not limited to larger letter size, increased retroreflectivity, revised locations, etc. While many of our signs are in compliance, many are not currently in compliance. Therefore, we have begun a county wide program to upgrade all of our regulatory, warning and street name signs over the next several years. This program will include wholesale replacement of most signage as well as relocating many warning signs to comply with the new standards.

We are utilizing full and part time time staff to fabricate and install and relocate these signs. One of the more noticeable features of the new signs will be enhanced retroreflectivity (the amount of light reflected back from the headlights to the driver’s eyes). Another noticeable feature on the street name signs will be that on many street name signs, there will be larger (6” high) letters. Also, the letters for the new street name signs will be upper and lower case. Additionally, most new overhead street name signs will contain larger (12” high) upper and lower case letters.

This is a very tedious, time consuming process, but eventually all of our signs will be upgraded to meet the new standards, keeping Monroe County and the City of Rochester at the forefront of modern traffic control standard compliance.

Pavement Markings

The Pavement Markings section is responsible for the installation of pavement markings on county roads, city streets (at a charge), town highways (at a charge), airport runways and taxiways.

Permit Review Issuance and Inspection

The Permits section is responsible for the review of all new development plans bordering a county highway and the issuance of and inspection for permits allowing construction activity within the right-of-way of county highways. The section is also responsible for the review of all city site plans that necessitate a traffic engineering review.


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