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Lindsay M. Tomidy,
Program Coordinator

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"Equipping our community with the tools and education needed to rid our streets of impaired driving. Community focused, saving lives."

Since 1982, the Monroe County, NY STOP-DWI Program has served to educate our community regarding the dangers of impaired driving and provide funding to groups and organizations engaged in activities related to alcohol and other drug-related traffic safety operations. Monroe County, NY STOP-DWI is supported 100% by local fines collected from intoxicated drivers. In October of 2023, Governor Hochul also signed legislation to send two surcharges assessed as part of impaired driving convictions directly to local STOP-DWI programs to ensure communities more readily have the resources they need to prevent impaired driving and keep New York roads safe.

Thanks in part to the coordination of all efforts from training, education, enforcement and prosecution, Monroe County, NY has one of the highest DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) conviction percentages among the larger counties of New York State.

"This is a crime of pure choice,” said Lindsay Tomidy “We are an educated society. People know that driving under the influence can kill, so when they make the choice to get behind the wheel of a car intoxicated, they should be held accountable. We want to heighten awareness to the issue of DWI and DWAI - Drugs, so that the community remembers that all impaired driving is a random act of violence and choice that can and should be prevented".

Monroe County STOP-DWI supports:

  • Coalition for Crime Victims of Monroe County
  • Finger Lakes Collegiate Task Force
  • Monroe County Office of Traffic Safety
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
  • Parents Who Host Lose The Most
  • Prevention Alliance
  • Rochester Against Intoxicated Driving (RAID)
  • Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

Public Education and Information Tools:

Community Supported Events:

  •  DWI High Visibilty Engagement Campaign Periods
  •  Annual Traffic Safety Awards Luncheon
  •  Underage Drinking Campaigns
  •  "Victims’ Rights Week" Events
  •  Victim Impact Panel Appreciation Dinner
  •  Annual “Lights on for Life” Motorcade
  •  STOP-DWI Victim Advocate Program
  • Mock DWI Crash Reenactments (Guide Here)
  • Small or large scale traffic safety awareness fairs (Guide Here)

Underage Drinking:

Please call 585 753-3011 for information on any of the above topics.

STOP-DWI Victim Impact Panel

Our STOP-DWI Victim Impact Panels are held throughout the year in order to convey the life-altering consequences of impaired driving. DWI Victims and the surviving family members tell their stories and the pain they have and still suffer from. All from a split second decision to drive drunk or impaired with drugs.

In order to attend the panel, you must be pre-registered by a judge, probation officer or parole. No outside parties (including lawyers) can schedule you for the panel when you are faced with a conviction.

We have strict rules in place to protect our victims, volunteers and the defendants attending so please reference your referral documents. These rules also apply to any guests!
Should you have interest in attending panel as a guest separate from a mandated attendee with a referral form, please call (585) 753-3011 or email [email protected].

STOP-DWI Presentations and Programs

The Monroe County STOP DWI Program coordinates a variety of prevention education programs for school and community members. Alongside schedling of those amongst our speakers bureau who share their impact stories, our program guide provides a brief description for each program that can be scheduled through the Monroe County STOP DWI Program at (585) 753-3011 or email [email protected]. We can tailor any program to the needs of the audience and are happy to discuss customized offerings further.

Educational DVDs

Online Educational Videos with Closed Captions

Annual Reports