Interpreters/Language Access

Monroe County Language Access Options

The Monroe County Board of Elections uses a three pronged apporach to language access. To create access for everyone the Board of Elections recruits and assigns in person interpreters, utilizes a remote translation vendor, and a call-in interpreter hotline staffed by BOE employees. 

Language Access Device


Monroe County is leading the State in language access for elections with the use of the Language Access Device

Photo of Language Access Device

(LAD). Monroe County’s LAD’s use an app that is able to provide access to live interpreters, for translation of more than 350 languages, including ASL. For many languages, including ASL, the LADs offer video calls with live interpreters, for other languages, the LADs provide an audio call with a live interpreter. 

If you or anyone you know would like to use translation services while at the Board of Elections or a polling location, please let us know what language you would like services in and we will use the app to get an interpreter for you. We can set up audio or video calls depending on the language and preferences.

Follow the link below to view a short video from Propio One showcasing how easy the LAD is to use.

Photo of Propio One sign

Interpreter Hotline

The Board of Elections also operates an interpeter hotline that can be used from any polling site to reach a bilingual staff member at the Board of Elections to assist you while you vote! 

In-person Interpreters 

The LADs and interpreter hotlines are great options for anyone needing language access services. In adition to these options that are available at every polling site. The Monroe County Board of Elections is always hiring interpreters to place at poll sites to offer in person services at as many sites as possible. Learn more about becoming an interpreter below!  

Help Voters In Your Community!  -  Become an Interpreter!

The Board of Elections is always looking for Interpreters to assist voters during Elections

The requirements are:

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Be 18 Years of Age
  • Be a Registered Voter In Monroe County
  • Be Able to Read, Write, and Speak Spanish

Voter Information/Informacion Para Los Votantes graphic

Spanish Poll Worker Sign Up Form

By Federal Law, polling sites across New York State are required to post sample ballots and all other informational materials in Spanish when five (5) percent of the residents in an Election District are Spanish speaking. Those election districts will be assigned Spanish speaking Interpreter services to assist Spanish speaking voters by translating voting information given by the Inspector. The Interpreter may also assist Spanish and limited-English, Spanish speaking voters in voting booths and is trained to work with and assist the Poll worker team on Election Day. All of these sites will have access to both a Language Access Device and the interpreter hotline to speak with a bilingual staff member at the Monroe County Board of Elections. These sites will also be prioritized in the assignment of in-person interpreters. 

Yo Vote Hoy! graphicFAQ About Becoming A Spanish Interpreter Poll Worker

Q. How do I sign up?

Call the Board of Elections at (585) 753-1550 or complete the form below. We can answer additional questions and put you in touch with the Coordinator in your area who is actively recruiting Spanish Interpreter Poll Workers.

Spanish Poll Worker Sign Up Form

Q. Are Spanish Interpreter Poll Workers Volunteers? - NO

Spanish Interpreter Poll Workers are paid for their election day service by the county in which they serve, in an amount fixed by the county legislative body. In Monroe County, the County Legislature sets the pay. Spanish Interpreter Poll Workers are also paid for attending required training schools if they work an election.  The Board of Elections directly pays Spanish interpreter poll workers.  Checks generally are sent within 4–6 weeks after the election.

Q. What is a Spanish Interpreter Poll Worker?

They are Spanish/English speaking voters who are appointed by their political party to serve a 1-year term. They work on Election Day.

Q. What are an Poll Worker's Responsibilities?

They are responsible for making sure that the voters are processed in a fair and efficient manner and according to Election Law and assist non-English speaking voters by translating voting information given by the Poll Workers. The Interpreter may also assist non-English and limited-English speaking voters in voting booths and is trained to work with and assist the Poll Worker team on Election Day.

Q. Can anyone be an Poll Worker? What are the qualifications?

Any registered voter who is enrolled in the Democratic or Republican Party can be an Poll Worker. They are also required to speak, read and write the Spanish and English Languages. You must be a US Citizen. You must be 18 years of age. You must be registered to vote at your current address in Monroe County. The Board of Elections does not provide transportation. All applicants must make their own reliable travel arrangements. All applicants will receive by MAIL a notice with an assignment 2 weeks before Election Day.

Q. Does it require a lot of training to be an Poll Worker?

They are required to be trained and tested every year. A flexible training schedule is held throughout the County from September through October. Classes last about 3 hours long. If Spanish Interpreter Poll Workers work on General Election Day they are paid for attending training.

Q. What Days and Hours do Spanish Interpreter Poll Workers work?

All Spanish Interpreter Poll Workers work on General Election Day in November from 5:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.  Spanish Interpreter Poll Workers also work for a Primary or a Special Election from 5:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.  Spanish Interpreter Poll Workers may also sign up to be selected to work Early Voting days.

Q. Election Day is a long day, what if I can't work the whole day?

All Spanish Interpreter Poll Workers are required to work the entire election day.  There is no option to work for only part of an Election Day for any reason.

Q. Do Spanish Interpreter Poll Workers get time off during the day?

Yes, Spanish Interpreter Poll Workers are allowed to take limited time off during the election day to eat a meal and to vote. They may leave their site with at least one inspector of each party remaining.  During the day, there will be slower intervals, usually in mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Spanish Interpreter Poll Workers should take meal breaks during these times. All Spanish Interpreter poll workers should be present at the election district from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. While each team of poll workers may set different times, the Board recommends that poll workers’ meal times not take over one hour. The Site Chair should enforce the same amount of time for each poll worker, including Spanish Interpreter poll workers.

Q. Will I be working with experienced Poll Workers?

Yes, there are multiple poll workers working at each voting site. 3,200 Poll Workers serve at almost 800 districts in Monroe County. About 75% return faithfully year after year. So the majority are trained and experienced.

Q. Will I be working at my own voting location?

If there is an opening, yes, otherwise you will be placed as close to your own district as possible.

Q. What if I am on SSI, unemployment or concerned about tax consequences?

Each person’s circumstances are unique and therefore they must check with their own advisors.