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What is eRecording?

eRecording is the electronic recording of land record documents. It is the process of transmitting the documents using a Submitter Company through the Internet to the County Clerk’s Office for official recording.

Is eRecording mandatory in Monroe County?

No, eRecording is voluntary in Monroe County. It is not mandated by New York State.

How to eRecord land records in Monroe County?

Several Submitter Companies have registered with Monroe County to submit documents and payments electronically. You may contact one of the following companies to get started.

How to become a Submitter company in Monroe County?

New York State requires a Submitter Company to register separately with each County. If you would like to become a Submitter Company in Monroe County please complete the agreement below.

  • Monroe County Registered Submitter Agreement

Requirements and Standards for eRecording in Monroe County

Pursuant to 9 NYCRR §540.7(i)(4) of the standards and paragraph 8 of the Monroe County Registered Submitter Agreement, requirements for electronic submission are posted to our website below.

NYS eRecording Governing Standards

The standards governing electronic recording (9 NYCRR §540) have been enacted and published in the State Register. For your reference the standards can be found at the links below.