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County Clerk's Language Access Plan

People speaking various different languagesApproximately 14 percent of Monroe County residents, over 100,000 individuals, communicate in a non-English language.  Effective December 13, 2019, the County Clerk's Office has introduced a Language Access Plan to ensure its compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  The Act requires meaningful access to services under the Clerk's jurisdiction to individuals with limited English proficiency.

The most critical change is the addition of telephonic interpreting services at all Clerk's Office locations.  When visiting the Monroe County Clerk's Filing Office or DMV branch locations, residents now have access to telephonic interpreters and dual-handset phones, helping to ensure effective and accurate communication with Clerk's Office staff.

For more detailed information about access to Clerk's Office services for non-English speakers, please see the complete Monroe County Clerk's Office Language Access Plan (pdf file).

For any concerns, issues or complaints related to language access to services, please contact one of the Language Access Coordinators or fill out the Grievance Form (pdf).

Language Access Coordinators

Downtown Filing Office
Rebecca Caico
Assistant Deputy County Clerk - Operations
39 West Main Street
101 County Office Building
Rochester, NY 14614

Auto License Bureau (DMV Branch Offices)
Thomas Morrisey
Assistant Deputy County Clerk - Auto License Bureau
39 West Main Street
101 County Office Building
Rochester, NY 14614

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