Environmental Lab

Environmental Lab

Brewer Street Remediation

The Environmental Lab is working with NYSDEC (Department of Environmental Conservation), RG&E, Department of Environmental Services collection system staff and wastewater treatment plant operations on developing a quick turn around test for proper treatment of oil-impacted water. This would allow for the most cost-effective treatment of this waste.

Airport Deicing Solution Treatment

The lab was instrumental in developing a new monitoring method to determine loading at the FEV sewage treatment plant. This innovative sampling, transport and analytical program allowed Greater Rochester International Airport to send their waste material for treatment and removes the material from the Genesee River.

Odor Abatement

The Environmental Lab is integral in the studies for abatement of odors at the county’s two wastewater treatment facilities. The lab has created the “Great Smell Test” where, personnel use their olfactory senses (nose) to compare odors to a control sample. This is compared to equipment results measuring indicators of odor in order to develop deodorants and odor rate reducing treatments.

Ontario Beach Monitoring

The Environmental Lab monitors the main beach used by the Rochester community in two ways. Not only is the daily bacteriological work done by the environmental lab, but studies are under way to help determine the best way to remove algae from the beach and help increase the number of annual operating days the beach is open. The environmental lab is working hand-in-hand with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and a consultant on the algae study.

CSOAP and Wet Weather Events

Combined Sewer Overflow Abatement Program (CSOAP) events have all but been eliminated with the phasing in of the deep rock tunnel system unique to Monroe County. This tunnel system allowed the integration of approximately 25 smaller sewage treatment plants into the Monroe County system. The lab monitors the improvement in the surrounding environment and the positive impact of this program.