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Questions About Becoming A Poll Worker

Q. How do I sign up?

Election Inspector Sign-Up Form

Spanish Interpreter Sign-Up Form

Q. Are Poll Workers Volunteers? - NO

Poll Workers are paid for their election day service by the county in which they serve, in an amount fixed by the county legislative body. In Monroe County, the County Legislature sets the pay. Poll Workers are also paid for attending required training schools if they work an election.  The Board of Elections does NOT directly pay poll workers. The Board can confirm if any poll worker worked, but questions about pay should be directed to the City or Town Clerks. Checks generally are sent within 4–6 weeks after the election. City and Town Clerks' phone numbers are listed at the bottom of this page.

Q. What is a Poll Worker?

They are voters who are appointed by their political party to serve a 1-year term. They work on Election Day.

Q. What are an Poll Worker's Responsibilities?

They are responsible for making sure that the voters are processed in a fair and efficient manner and according to Election Law.

Q. Can anyone be an Poll Worker? What are the qualifications?

Any registered voter who is enrolled in the Democratic or Republican Party can be an Poll Worker. They are also required to speak, read and write the English Language.

Q. Does it require a lot of training to be an Poll Worker?

They are required to be trained and tested every year. A flexible training schedule is held throughout the County from September through October. Classes last about 3 hours long. If Election Inspectors work on General Election Day they are paid for attending training.

Q. What Days and Hours do Poll Workers work?

All Poll Workers work on General Election Day in November from 5:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Some Inspectors also work for a Primary or a Special Election usually 5:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.  Poll workers may also sign up to be selected to work Early Voting days.

Q. Election Day is a long day, what if I can't work the whole day?

All Poll Workers are required to work the entire election day.  There is no option to work for only part of an Election Day for any reason.

Q. Do Poll Workers get time off during the day?

Yes, Poll Workers are allowed to take limited time off during the election day to eat a meal and to vote. They may leave their site with at least one inspector of each party remaining.  The Site Chair will assign the same amount of time for each poll worker.  During the day, there will be slower intervals, usually in mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Poll Workers will be assigned meal breaks during these times. All poll workers need to be present at the Polling Site from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. While Site Chairs have leeway over assigning breaks, the Board recommends that inspectors’ meal times not take over one hour. 

Q. Will I be working with experienced Poll Workers?

Yes, there are multiple poll workers working at each voting site. 3,200 Poll Workers serve at almost 800 districts in Monroe County. About 75% return faithfully year after year. So the majority are trained and experienced.

Q. Will I be working at my own voting location?

If there is an opening, yes, otherwise you will be placed as close to your own district as possible.

Q. What if I am on SSI, unemployment or concerned about tax consequences?

Each person’s circumstances are unique and therefore they must check with their own advisors.

City and Town Clerks

  • Rochester: 428-7421
  • Brighton: 784-5240
  • Chili: 889-3550
  • Clarkson: 637-1130
  • East Rochester: 586-3553
  • Gates: 247-6100
  • Greece: 225-2000
  • Hamlin: 964-2421
  • Henrietta: 334-7700
  • Irondequoit: 467-8840
  • Mendon: 624-6060
  • Ogden: 617-6111
  • Parma: 392-9461
  • Penfield: 340-8625
  • Perinton: 223-0770
  • Pittsford: 248-6200
  • Riga: 293-3880
  • Rush: 533-1312
  • Sweden: 637-2144
  • Webster: 872-1000
  • Wheatland: 889-1553



Training Team:  

Republican Contacts:

Office Number: (585)753-1558

Diane Gibson: (Supervisor)

Abby Staub: 
Paul Wagner: 

Democratic Contacts:

Office Number: (585)753-1571

Carla Williams: (Supervisor)

Richard Buckner III: 
Emily Brzac: 

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