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Questions About Becoming A Poll Worker-FAQ

Q. How do I sign up?

Election Inspector Sign-Up Form

Spanish Interpreter Sign-Up Form

Q. Are Poll Workers Volunteers? - NO

Poll Workers are paid for their Election Day service by the county in which they serve.  Poll Workers are also paid for attending required training classes if they work an election.  If you have questions regarding pay or the status of your check, please refer to the Board of Elections Finance Department: [email protected]  

Q. What is a Poll Worker?

Poll Workers protect the right to vote and ensure fair voting across Monroe County.  Poll Workers can either work as an Election Inspector or Spanish Interpreter.  Election Inspectors are voters who declare to work for either the Democratic or Republican Party on Election Day.  Spanish Interpreters are non-partisan Poll Workers who also provide Spanish translation services to voters.

Q. Can anyone be a Poll Worker? What are the qualifications?

Poll Workers must be a registered voter in Monroe County and be willing to declare to work for either the Democratic or Republican Party on Election Day.  They must be able to speak, read and write the English Language.  They also must have a valid email address for communication with the Board of Elections Training Team.

Q. What Days and Hours do Poll Workers work?

All Poll Workers work on General Election Day in November from 5:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Some Poll Workers also work for a Primary or a Special Election usually 5:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.  Poll Workers may also sign up to work Early Voting days.

Q. Will I be working with experienced Poll Workers?

Yes, there are multiple Poll Workers working at each polling site.  A majority of Poll Workers in Monroe County return to work on Election Day every year, so you will likely be surrounded by veteran Poll Workers at your polling site.  Additionally, each polling site is assigned a Site Chair from each party who is an experienced Poll Worker that supervises the site and can answer questions.

Q. Can my pet tag along with me during training and work?

Only service animals are permitted at training sessions or poll sites. Service animals are only dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Emotional support animals or pets are not permitted.


Poll Worker Training Videos

Q. What are Poll Worker's Responsibilities?

They ensure fair and honest elections and protect the rights and privacy of every voter in accordance with New York State Election Law.

Q. Does it require a lot of training to be a Poll Worker?

They are required to be trained and tested every year.  Trainings are held at the Board of Elections Service Center in the months leading up to the Primary and General Election, at varying times and dates.  Classes last about 2 hours.  If Poll Workers work on Election Day they are paid for attending training.

Q. Do Poll Workers get time off during the day?

Yes, Poll Workers will be given breaks throughout the day, including a lunch break.  These breaks will be assigned by the Site Chairs at the polling site.  A Poll Worker may leave the site during their assigned break, as long as there is at least one Election Inspector from each party remaining at the site. 

Q. Will I be working at my own voting location?

If you would like to work at your own voting location and there is an opening available, you can work at your own voting location.  Otherwise, the training team will work with you to find a different polling site that works best for you.

Q. What if I am on SSI, unemployment or concerned about tax consequences?

Each person’s circumstances are unique and therefore they must check with their own advisors.

Contact The Training Team

General Inquiries

Training Team: [email protected]   

Payment Inquiries

Finance Department: [email protected]

Republican Contacts:

Office Number: (585)753-1558
Diane Gibson: [email protected] (Supervisor)
Paul Wagner: [email protected] 

Democratic Contacts:

Office Number: (585) 753-1571
Carla Williams: [email protected] (Supervisor)
Emily Brzac: [email protected]