DOT Project Updates

Interactive Map of Ongoing Construction Projects

The interactive Travel-IQ map below shows ongoing construction projects, road closures, major traffic incidents, and special events within Monroe County and the surrounding region.  Sign up for a free Travel-IQ account to enable custom travel route alerts, notifications, and emergency alerts by utilizing the Route Planner feature.

2024 Monroe County Highway and Bridge Program

These documents are uploaded annually at the beginning of construction season.  The documents list current and future MCDOT projects programmed for planning, design, and construction over the next six (6) years. 

Construction Project Contacts List

This document is uploaded annually at the beginning of construction season and is revised as needed.  The document lists contact persons for MCDOT highway and bridge capital and maintenance projects under construction.  Note that construction updates for each project in the list can be found on the interactive map above, which is kept up to date regularly.

Project Newsletters and Road Closure Notifications

Public Input and Informational Resources