Youth Risk Behavior Survey

For Participating Students

Thank you for sharing your answers to the Monroe County Youth Risk Behavior Survey! 

Sometimes answering these questions brings up strong feelings.  We encourage you to talk with your parents or guardians about the survey.  If you or someone else needs help, but cannot talk with a parent or guardian, let a teacher, counselor, nurse or another trusted adult know.

The link below has resources, information and help related to the survey topics.

Youth Resource Guide (English PDF)

Youth Resource Guide (Spanish PDF)

About the Survey

The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) results provide a snapshot of the most critical health risks Monroe County’s public high school students are facing. The data in these reports is intended to help school districts, community partners and families assess the needs of Monroe County's young people, and develop systems and programs to address those needs. By working together, we can improve the health of young people in our community.