Central Police Services

 CityPlace Building, 4th Floor
     50 W. Main Street
    Rochester, New York 14614

 Phone: (585) 753-3019
 Fax: (585) 753-3023
[email protected]

Picture of Kristina K. Daugherty
Kristina K. Daugherty,

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Public Safety

"Providing Essential Tools for Law Enforcement Officers to Protect Our Community"

The Office of Central Police Services is responsible for eliminating costly duplication and maximizing essential resources of the County’s law enforcement agencies by providing and developing consolidated programs used by police personnel for effective and efficient delivery of police services. These programs include the funding of a communications system by providing technological tools to officers.  Services include program evaluation, the development of centralized police reporting forms, firearms training and qualification, police officer training along with working with the Office of Public Safety Communications in enhancing voice and data mobile  communications, allowing information to be transmitted directly to law enforecment officers on the street and in police vehicles.

Monroe County Central Police Services Administrator, Kristina K. Daugherty manages the agreement with Monroe Community College for the operation of the Public Safety Training Facility located at 1190 Scottsville Road. The Public Safety Training Facility allows for multipurpose training of fire, airport, police and emergency medical staff. Working jointly with the Monroe County Law Enforcement Council, the Office of Central Police Services is continually striving to improve training and communications for all law enforcement officers in Monroe County, NY.

Please Note: For inquiries regarding police records, please contact the local police department associated with the jurisdiction in question.