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Housing and General Sanitation enforces Monroe County Sanitary Code Article II, General Sanitation and Article IV, Habitable Buildings.


The method of choice to control rodents is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a way of thinking about pest management that focuses on the removal of the pests' food, water and shelter to reduce rodents in the community. For additional information please utilize the information provided below.

Integrated Pest Management

Pest Management Brochure 

The property owner is responsible for controlling rodent infestations on their own property. In some cases, this may require hiring a professional extermination service to mitigate the infestation. Pesticides can be applied on a limited basis for residential properties as determined to be appropriate at the discretion of the Department's Housing and General Sanitation staff. The Monroe County Department of Public Health does not apply pesticides for commercial properties or rental properties. On site evaluation and guidance are provided to all properties with pest management needs.

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